Thursday, January 06, 2011

Proudest moment of my day

I was feeding Julian some dinner and handed him some toy chickens to entertain him. I said excitedly, "Here, Julian, look! Chickens! Cluck cluck!"

And Sean said in an outburst, somewhat impressed yet a little frustrated, "You know all the animal sounds!"

Jen: what? I do?

Sean: yes! I can never remember them. I'm like, zebra.. what does a zebra say?? Jen knows... 

Awesome. I should put that on my resume:  "know all the animal sounds."

And this conversation reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend a few weeks ago. We were talking about storage and where our stuff is.

"... and my parents have just boxed up all my stuff from my high school days.. I think it's all in the barn," I said casually.

My friend said, "What? You have a barn?"

Not wanting her to get the wrong idea, as if i grew up on a farm i said, "ohh-- yeah. But we just stored stuff in it. Lawn chairs... and the tractor..."

Friend: a tractor!

I said, "No! I mean, ok, we had a garden and stuff but it wasn't like we lived on a farm. [not that there's anything wrong with that] I mean, we also had a boat in there at one point. And, you's where we kept the hay for the...cow... in the...pasturrre..........."

And it was at this moment when I had finally reached that place in my life where I've perhaps lived away from my childhood home for so long that I can finally see it from another's perspective, and that those things-- the tractor, the barn, the cow, are all kind of... odd (for not really having a farm). 

So, it appears we now know why I know all the animal sounds.


Alanna said...

Maybe you can help me out here then. What noise does a giraffe make??? I should just look it up on youtube, but it's more fun to ask others!

Brooke said...

It's about time you realized how countrified you really are... :)

Anneka said...

Now maybe you can relate to my experience visiting Highland at first. There was horse poo in the street, for crying out loud!

)en said...

Yeah. It's totally weird.