Friday, December 31, 2010

Mean Puzzler Jen Strikes Again

We pulled out another puzzle tonight.  I haven't seen her in a while. But she showed her face in the following dialogue. 

We were starting the puzzle brand new, so having dumped out all the pieces, were now turning them over and putting all edge pieces to the side.  Or at least I was.  Sean seemed to think it unimportant to flip over the pieces and i looked up and saw him putting his own pieces together from the edges he'd found.

Mean Puzzler Jen: Sean! What are you DOING? You can't do your own little puzzle over there! We aren't done flipping yet! C'mon, TEAMWORK. Stop cheating!

Sean, defensively & frantically: What! I don't know the rules to this game!!

We'll see what happens by the time we finish it. I'll be sure to document the process every step of the way. It's going to be a long night.  Happy New Year's Eve! Don't party as hard as I am. I mean, you've got to set limits.


Stephanie said...

Took a puzzle up to a friend's house. One I had just recently finished. There were still some chunks of puzzle together as I pulled it out of the box that I left untouched to use later. Usually mild mannered friend became instant Puzzle Nazi saying that it was against puzzling regulations to leave those pieces together so she promptly scrambled them all up and tossed them back into the mess. Cracked me up. I had to defend all of my work after that to reassure her that it was kosher and virgin work.

lindsey v said...

That's totally the first puzzle rule!
1. Turn over all pieces and pull aside the edges before connecting any.
2. Do not work on a color that someone else is working on. The exceptions being the very last pieces or the sky.
3. Puzzle must be done in a few days. If it goes longer than a week- you lose. (Okay, that last one is my own personal rule, and not from the Official Puzzling Rulebook.)

)en said...

ha ha! I love it. See? I knew there were rules! Though, i have been guilty of infringing on someone else's territory.

What is it about puzzles bringing the Nazi out? Why, puzzles? Why?