Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Puzzles & Me

Sean and I have recently discovered that I'm a mean puzzler. as in a "mean drunk." When I do puzzles, i get mean.

"@#% piece! Fit, you worthless piece of filth! Look at this piece--how can it NOT go there?? arrghhh!!"

"I can't find that--where the CRAP--arrghhh!!"

"Jen, can you help me find--" "NO! I'm working on this STUPID CORNER UNTIL I DIE."

I'm also a super nerdy puzzler who tells puzzle stories about her puzzle adventures.

Jen: "oh man, Sean. Check out this piece here. Look how it fits!! Isn't that crazy??"

Sean: silence. (never looked in the first place) (actually Sean remains silent through pretty much all my tirades/commentary.)

Jen: "Oh MAN! Listen to this! So i looked at this gap and was like, where could that piece be? i need to find a wonky shape like thisss... and I immediately
randomly looked to the left and my eyes fell on the very piece i need! I didn't even look around! Can you believe it??"

Jen: "I'm learning so much! Puzzles ARE fun!"

We have been working on a world map puzzle that has the countries of the world printed on the water part. It has the name, capital, population, and area. This helps you not go all the way to actually blowing your brains out when you're working on the ocean.

Jen: "Something I like to do is take a piece that has part of a country's name and try to figure out what country it is. Like this one: ragua. RagOOa. bragua. Frrr..agua. NICARAGUA!"

And that's why everyone should participate in activities with me.


MelBroek said...

Oh man. That is fantastic. And although you discourage participation, I'd really LIKE to do a puzzle with you. You know why? Quotes.

Joel said...

It's true. An audio feed directly from Jen's brain would really be something.

)en said...

having a direct audio feed to my brain might allow someone to actually understand what I'm saying. I leave vital words out all the time...

Alanna said...

Now I know why you and Natalie are such good friends. I've never had the patience for puzzles. I wonder what this says about people's personalities-- if the world can be divided into those who do and don't enjoy puzzles and what that says about us?

Yeah, I'm deep.

Amber Alvarez said...

I have many of the same puzzling techniques. I get so frustrated and yet I LOVE doing them. Perhaps we are puzzle twins? At any rate, even if we aren't - you complete me. ;)

Natalie R. said...

All I can say is that I LOVE puzzles!!! Whenever I pull one out, Cameron has to remind me that I do in fact have other obligations to take care of. And then my response is always, "Oh yeah...just a sec, let me put in one more piece...." Yay for puzzles!