Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sean quote

This time's it's chess themed.

So i coerced Sean into playing with me again. it'd been a while so he gave in.

The best part of these games are the mini-lessons from Jen.

Jen: It's not like you have to be great at strategy, you just have to have some strategy.  Take two players, and make a move. Go get someone. You can't do it with just one.


Jen: Most times the game starts with some pawns dying. They're the most expendable.  Plus i like to clear the board a bit. They get in my way.

Sean:  mmm...

Jen: And sometimes you get to the point where you just have to sacrifice a player. And you have to weigh it out. Is this piece too important to me? can i give it up? What's my plan?

Sean: mm-hmm... yeah...[thinking]... the problem for me... [pauses to make a move] that i keep sacrificing my king...

Oh Sean.

made me bust.

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