Monday, November 15, 2010

NY Miracle

I was just on the receiving end of a miracle. 

First, i should say there have been several miracles.  The first miracle is that i actually found a pair of shoes that fits Julian's chubby baby club-feet.  I was this close to just wrapping cloth around them and holding it up with rubber bands, aka Jen's equivalent of sewing.  I've bought so many shoes that were useless to him.  Fortunately they were summertime shoes and therefore sandals and flip-flops and thus cheaper, but still.   So, miracle one, found some shoes.  Brown leather, velcro strap, good for walking (should that day ever come). Good for the fall.  And cute.  And they fit. Miracle!

Julian likes to pull off his shoes, as babies do, and we returned today from an outing and i had the shoes in my bag.  I had to park the car a ways down the street so with my bag on one arm, julian on the other, i hobbled to the house.  That was about 2 hours ago.

Miracle 2:  I just went out to drop a letter in the mailbox that is down the sidewalk toward where i parked.  It's sort of a community mailbox for a stretch of buildings, and it also has a drop box.  I walked to it which is probably 75 paces or so, and beheld one of Julian's shoes sitting on the top of it!  Aaah!!   Apparently i had dropped one of his miracle shoes, and some kind stranger found it, set it on the mailbox, and i went out to mail a letter and spotted it!!  It's a strange sensation being face-to-face with a lost shoe that you didn't know was lost. And it's a miracle.  It's a miracle that even worked. You often see sets of keys or other valuable things hooked on people's gates thinking, yeah, that person will never find their keys. Too bad.   And though it was only one shoe, i wouldn't put it past anyone to swipe it for themselves.  And if I hadn't been such a good daughter to write a letter to my mom, i wouldn't have seen the shoe until it might have been too late.  So really, miracle upon miracle in Brooklyn today, folks.

Also, "miracle" is now sounding very weird to my ears.

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Lindsey said...

Yea for miracles!