Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby. And rain and wind and thunder.

Alright, in more freaky weather news, we were hit by another bizarre-o storm 2 nights ago.  Whenever these things happen, on a small level, I always go in to emergency mode.  Sean home: check.  Baby home, and in bed: check.  Just went to the store. Have food: check.  all is well. 

First: thunder, wind, rain.  Normal storm.

Then: More rain, more wind, more thunder.

Then: DUMP.  some cloud got lazy and just dumped the rest of the rain all in one go.  GUSH. 

Then: Heavy rain. Hard rain. Nope, that's hail.  Lots of hail.  Oh hail!!  Ratatatatatat!! WIND. HAIL.

It was so much, so fast, so sudden, we had over an inch of hail and rivers in the streets.  Flash flooding on the rocks.  People's garbage and recycling floating down the rivers.   I put on my crocs and we ran out, and had a hailball fight. We watched beachball-sized hailbergs float down the rivers.  Freezing water with hail balls everywhere.  Now, we've all seen hail. We've even seen bigger hail than that. But that much at one time, and so suddenly.  It was madness.  Totally weird. 

Here's another video a Brooklyner took in a neighborhood close by.

The world is coming to an end.  This island I live on is going to just sink into the ocean never to be seen again, i know it.  Where's my secret boat?!?  I'm really going to regret not having that.


Ashley said...

This is crazy town! Get out of there quick.

(And come visit me.)

Lindsey said...

Hail always makes me worry about the car. Was it okay?