Thursday, October 07, 2010

Would You Rather Thursday

Would you rather...

Be forced to go through a cycle in a large clothes dryer along with 5 pairs of football cleats -OR- along with wool blankets stuffed in until it is full?

Hmm. Well, how large is this dryer?  I guess if it's big enough to hold a full sized human, then 5 pairs of cleats might not be enough, because at first i was thinking that if there are enough cleats, there'd be no room for them to hit me and we'd all just tumble together as one solid lump.   But i think i could curl up pretty small so the dryer wouldn't have to be THAT huge.  I could protect my face and head whereas with the wool blankets I'd either suffocate or choke to death on my own vomit from the claustrophobia.  

Would you rather get trapped under heavy weights while bench-pressing at a crowded gym -OR- have your fingers get stuck in a bowling ball, dragging you several feet down the lane in a crowded bowling alley?

Oh man, this made me laugh out loud.  Obviously i'd choose option B.   first, bowling sucks but can be fun in a sucky way while lifting weights is the opposite of fun, and second, having that happen would probably be the greatest thing ever to happen in my life.  I'd tell that to every person i ever met. 

Would you rather be 6 feet tall and ugly -OR- 3 feet tall and beautiful?

Hahaha.   I would rather be 6 feet tall and ugly because my pretty face isn't going to get me that can on the shelf.

Would you rather be one of 5 survivors on earth -OR- the only earthling on another inhabited planet.  

This is tough.  While I love space and dream of it often, I think i'd rather stay here with 4 other people. a) i could be president, and b) i just need more information about this alien planet to volunteer to live on it willy nilly.   Did anyone see Planet of the Apes?? See how well that worked out for Taylor. 

Would you rather marry an annoying practical joker who frequently pulls the "bucket over the door" gag and many other elaborate jokes like it -OR- marry someone with no sense of humor?

Oh man. I think we'd better ask Sean this and see how he likes option A. 

A bonus & more positive "would you rather" for Joel: 

Would you rather be able to walk on water forever -OR- fly for 3 hours on 3 different occasions in your life?

Alright.  If i can walk on water, can i also swim?  I'd love to fly--who wouldn't-- but for only 3 hours on 3 different occasions?  What would those occasions be? I don't know if i could handle the pressure and i'd probably save those up and then die before i could use them.  So, assuming i can also submerge, I'm going to choose the water.  That's one more thing crossed off on my list of worries should disaster strike Brooklyn.  (We've all discussed this many times. "we should have a boat--a secret boat! tied up somewhere, just in case..."  This is what's talked about at emergency-preparedness meetings.  At least the ones being held in my mind.)


Sean said...

I decided long ago that I could live with the occasional bucket over the door. Its a real plus, saving me shower time in the morning.

Joel said...

I refer you to my comment on your last "would you rather" post.

)en said...

alright, i'll add a positive one for you joel.

Andrew said...

WALK ON WATER! I don't even like swimming. The utility would be endless... I would be the best fisherman in the world. My "I want a picture from the perspective that would require me to stand in the middle of that river" woes would be over forever. I could escape anyone. Oh, man. Rarely are these questions easy. This one was nothing.

Rob said...

1. Are these the molded or screw in type of cleats? Molded wouldn't be so bad.

2. First, the bench pressing thing would never happen to me. But I need my fingers healthy, I choose embarassment by weights at gym.

3. 6 feet tall and ugly. I'm 5 10 and moderatly attractive so this is not so far off. Besides, how beautiful can a 3 ft. person be? No offense, little readers.

4. Tough, because I don't think practical jokes are funny. Is this their only mode of humor? If so, I choose no sense of humor.

5. Fly! Hello? FLYING! Always a dream of mine. Besides, if I can walk on water, my skin must be extremely hydrophobic and I would never be able to get clean and be stinky forever. Plus, you may not be able to even drink anything because how could you absorb water? Doesn't sound condusive to life to me. You guys really need to think this stuff through.

Joel said...

Just for me? I am touched.

I like to fish, so I'd totally go with the walking on water. The fish would have nowhere to hide. Plus, I could be the first person to truly circumnavigate the globe in foot.