Friday, October 15, 2010

Guns 'n Dreams

I had a dream last night that I was both playing and participating in a video-type game where you have to hide from and kill bad people and pick up ammunition along the way.  I confess, i actually enjoyed games like this in my time.  I think video games can be a huge waste of time and hope to never own anything other than my sweet N64 with Mario Kart, but that is probably because i would fear becoming totally addicted and living a life of lameness and shame. 

So, this dream was fun because i used to like video games like that, but it was also scary because I was a real participant at the same time.  Sean and i were comrades and we kept running from weird corner to weird corner, hoping to find some guns.  We were in this huge warehouse-y military'ish complex/ hidden headquarters with a lot of machinery where the bad guys were and if we were spotted, we were dead. One time we ran into a wall of guns and ammo and we hurriedly tried to stock up. (I say "ran into" because at times I really felt like a computer simulation. So frustrating being a simulation, i tell you.) I grabbed a handgun and loaded it (which i somehow knew to do. I even pulled back on some lever thing.. what the what now?)  and threw some grenades into Sean's backpack. I think he also grabbed some kind of mini-rocket launcher and handed it to me which i would wildly use like an idiot, immediately blasting everything but an enemy.   For some reason I was always the one to shoot the weapons, covering us, or "covering us," i should say, because i sucked, while Sean worked on something vitally important and possibly tech-y.

So it felt real, but i was always struggling with my gun because the trigger was so weirdly difficult to pull, but I also had to keep reminding myself to save my game! SAVE!  Why? Because Sean kept getting the ax.  Usually due to my inability to aim/shoot in time.  Every weapon i tried, i struggled with. And then i'd use up all my bullets right away and then Sean would get shot.  I remember constantly telling myself, "Ctrl+ S! Ctrl+ S!"    (how was i supposed to save? I don't know, with my mind?)  (also, this dream is starting to sound familiar.)    I don't recall the "game" ever starting over, but each time Sean died, we'd somehow be back at it. That's really all i can say about that. Dreams are fun. Reading about other people's is even funner.

At one point we were hidden with a 3rd person in our group (unnamed, unfaced) on the ground outside in a sort of shallow trench, but between two flaps of plastic that didn't quite come up and over us.  We were underneath a wall and it was nighttime. Weird little cubby. I had my arm half over the plastic on the outside part of the wall and we held deathly still while a bad soldier man was walking by with others.  At the moment i thought, "dang, i should pull in my arm" he said, "wait--check there..."   and BAM! Sean's dead, and i think, "did i hit save?!?"  

End of dream.


Brooke said...

Very, very odd. But it makes sense that you know how to load a handgun. Weren't you in our prom group when we went shooting for our day activity? You totally have experience...

)en said...

No, I wasn't in your group. i think I went to Nutty Putty & almost died.

If i can load one, why can't I use one??? I don't like guns at all, but I'm tired of lookin' the fool in my dreams and also letting people die.

whoops i just remembered someone died in NP. Please excuse my comment.