Thursday, July 15, 2010

Would You Rather Thursday!

It's been a while! Time to bring 'em back.

Would you rather be distracted all night by a dripping faucet sound -OR- by a drop on your head every hour?

Are you kidding? Isn't the 2nd one a form of water torture?  So the question would be, would you rather be distracted or tortured? Hmmmmm.   Although, if I hear a repetitive sound, i tend to turn it into rhythm, which then switches my brain on to a song, and it may not stop until the beat does, which is kind of torturous in and of itself.  Tricky!

If you were stranded in the woods, would you rather have a corkscrew with you -OR- a spoon?

This is difficult.  The corkscrew is pointy and I could kill game with it.  On the other hand, I could eat game with my spoon!  So what do i do??  Impossible to decide.

Would you rather dress for one year like Spock from "Star Trek" (including the ears) -OR- like Superman?


Would you rather have to wear dish washing gloves for a year with no explanation - OR- wear a big blue wig with no explanation?

I'd rather wear a big blue wig. I've been wanting an excuse for that anyway.

 After being shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean and waiting to be rescued, would you rather see land the whole time, but know it's 10 miles away -OR- not be able to see land but still know, somehow, that it is 5 miles away?  

Alright, i have a question. Do i know in which direction the 5-miles-away land is?   Because i feel like that's pretty important.  And if i can't see it, why? What's obstructing my view? And if something's obstructing my view, why don't i just go to that? Since obviously it's closer.   Maybe fog.  Otherwise, I really wonder how far i could swim before i drowned.  Something i'll always wonder and never know, i hope.

Would you rather be attacked by 3 guys hurling walnuts -OR- by 3 baseball players maliciously swinging whiffle ball bats?

I think I'm gonna choose the whiffle bats. If they're baseball players, they are probably used to a heavier bat, and then they will over-swing, and probably fall, and I will laugh.  And then steal a whiffle bat--or 2, one in each hand--and beat them with it, because i am not a baseball player, and could probably do some real damage. Plus, i feel like walnuts could hurt me bad. 

Would you rather suddenly appear as a cowboy about to begin a bull ride in a rodeo -OR- have the protective lap bar unexpectedly rise halfway through a roller coaster ride?

Ha ha. Oh man, this would freak me the heck out.  I think i'll choose the roller coaster ride.  It seems that would be more predictable than a bull, and at least i'd have some fun for a while.  Except if i was on a bull, i could just let go at the first buck and sail down to the ground and start rolling like blazes before I'm stampeded to death, if that were to happen.  So i change my answer. I have a feeling i'm going to think about that one for a while.


Andrew said...

Stranded in the woods? I need neither a corkscrew nor a spoon. I've watched enough Man vs. Wild to know that all I need to do is walk until I find water to follow back to civilization, and occasionally drink my own urine.

Joel said...

Why are these always negative? Why can't they be "Would you rather have an enormous eclair or a gigantic dish of creme brulee?" That would still be tough to figure out.

Rob said...

do I get to have the body of Superman or just the outfit. Because the real me in blue tights and red underwear on the outside would really be unfortunate=.

And I would choose the bull, because that would be a much cooler way to go out rather than being hurled into a steel beam at 80 mph. Plus, those rodeo clowns are a top notch outfit, and I'd probably be fine.

And to Joel...I would take the eclair!

)en said...

Wait a second. Just how big are the eclair & creme brulee? Can i get IN the eclair? If so, I choose that. Because I could get hurt in a creme brulee.

I'll look for more positive would-you-rathers for next time.

Man. vs. Wild. ha ha, so true. urine can sustain you, protect you, and heal you. it's amazing.