Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday July

Today Julian and I went to the pool. I strapped him on me and called a car.  We went to a pool that is a community pool. It's free, very basic, but fun. A classic Brooklyn pool, you might say.  Julian loves to swim. I love to swim.  We are a good team. Two boys at the pool were playing and one called to his friend, "Hey Julian!"   And my Julian turned his head.  Ah, his very first name-psych.    I've had many in my time.  These days it takes the person a good 3 tries to get me to respond.  

We had a great time swimming. After we were done, I strapped him back in and called another car at the street corner.  While we waited, it began to rain.  I have forgotten the magic of a summer rain on a particularly balmy day.   Big fat drops on our faces.  Julian's never been in the rain.  "This is rain" i said to him.  And he scrunched up his nose and smiled, and as I spun around and around with my arms out to the side, I almost cried, I've never felt so alive.  And as I looked around at the ugliest street corner in existence, I launched myself into the future, and for one terrifying moment, felt how badly I'm going to miss this place.


Joel said...

"Am going"? Are you moving?

I never get the name psych. It makes me feel a little left out.

)en said...

No, but one day.

do you ever get the name psych with "Joe"? My sister always said she thought people were talking to her when they said "actually." Maybe my parents shouldn't have named her Actually. ha ha ha.

Joel said...

I only get confused if all I hear is the long O sound. Then I sometimes think it's my name.

Ashley said...

I'd like to know what made it the ugliest street corner in existence.

I love summer rain too.


Natalie R. said...

That sounds like an awesome experience, thanks for sharing.

There was a guy in one of my French classes whose name was Nathan who loved raising his hand. When said in French, there's no difference between Nathan and Natalie at first, and so I always thought I was getting called on. It was really quite traumatic, I think my face flushed and my blood pressure jumped every time my professor called on Nathan, always followed by relief it wasn't me.

Lindsey said...

"Miss this place?" You mean, one day in the future sometime? And no more calling for a car!!!!! Congrats!

Amber Alvarez said...

You can't say things like that to me!! I'll go all Bella Swan hooked up to IV's and hyperventilating on you.

Also, I know exactly what corner you are talking about, and exactly what you mean.

I'll love you forever, Brooklyn - And then some.