Monday, April 12, 2010

Sean quote: gotta love him

Sean got a new phone for his birthday. Here's a message from him, while using it:
I type as well as I can on this tiny screen. Hands feel huge like my love for you. And awkward like my means of showing it.


Joel said...

... thus demonstrating the smooth but awkward charm that probably attracted you to him in the first place.

MelBroek said...

I really really REALLY love this. He is a gem.

Rob said...

Please delete this before Annie sees it. He's makin us all look bad.

Wait! New solution.

Dear Annie, My hands feel huge in this kids mouth like my love for you.

Wow, I just realized how creepy that sounds if you don't know I'm a pediatric dentist.

)en said...

mm... no, it's still creepy.


smooth but awkward. yes, yes indeed.