Thursday, April 08, 2010

Items for Baby Jen

The following are pictures of 3 things purchased that have been or might be mistaken as items originally intended for the baby but were, in fact, meant for ME. Remember how I'm 13? Well sometimes I'm 3, too. And you bet Julian and I will be fighting over these things when he's old enough. But let this blog post be evidence as to the rightful owner.

Sean and I each selected cookie cutters. It's funny because it wasn't the first time we carefully examined an assortment of cookie cutters before making our selection, and because we make sugar cookies approximately once a never. Still, they're fun. Here is what I chose, of course. A friend was with us at the time pre-julian's birth, and had known of our leaning towards Julian as a name. When he asked if it was for him, i was like, what, are you kidding? No, it's mine! Obviously.

Words are insufficient to describe the love and adoration I hold for my robot cup. I'm a little bit possessive about it. And maybe a little bit possessed. I feel a little bit like Lenny. Good thing it's made of melamine and will never break. I wish I could say the same about kittens.

Aaanyway, it comes in a set and oh how i wish i'd bought them all. (And I can't do it now.. for some reason.) (sidenote: say, doesn't someone have a birthday coming up?)

I love spoons. A lot, a lot. Sometimes, no thing (or "nothing" some might say) can delight me more than a spoon. I added this adorable one to my collection and that same friend said, "aww.. for the little guy.." and i was like, "...or for yogurt..." In fact, I just ate a pudding cup using it. (Penny for scale)

There are probably more things but I think that will suffice for now.


Valerie said...

Babies don't need cool things like cookie cutters and awesome cups and tiny spoons.
You know who needs things like that? People, Jen. People like you and me.

lindsey v said...

I can totally forsee the fights coming with your boy over that cool robot cup. Go for the set!

p.s. I'm a fellow map-lover too. I can't get enough of 'em. I love to get my mom's world atlas out when I visit her and just peruse. Someday I'll have my own atlas. Someday.

Natalie R. said...

While I was in Disney World at Christmas, my sister Rachael bought me the coolest stuffed animal of Mickey Mouse as a PIRATE!! I love it, and whenever Samuel's friends come over and want to play with Mickey, I say, "Sorry, that Mickey isn't Samuel's, it's mine." It makes me happy. :0)

Joel said...

Yeah, I totally bought those toy dinosaurs for... my son. Yeah, that's it.