Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Armory 2010

Sean and I have been going to the Armory show pretty much ever since we moved here. At least 4 times, i think. I didn't go last year but he did, and we all got to reunite this year & introduce it to Julian. Because i know my blog is a hub for culture and high quality reading/viewing, I'm going to give you an e-exhibit of our favorites, or the ones we got pictures of.

To review: The Armory Show is a big fat art exhibit that takes place every year on 2 long piers on the Hudson. They build a structure with a roof and there are little cubicle-type things inside, each showing a sampling of art from galleries around the world. I remarked one year that it is reminiscent of a science fair, and everyone brings their most crazy, sparkly, shocking pieces. What a spectacle.

Here we go!

First, we saw this on our walk to the piers. Another urban fossil.

We looked at this painting first. Sean and a friend really liked this but i wasn't a fan. I like op-art but i don't like things that make my eyeballs burn, usually. I guess it must have been spray paint, which is kind of fun. But at the armory, i am a quick and ruthless art critic. I have to be. There's so much to see.

Here is Sean by some art that he liked.

Here is a more head-on pic. He did one like this once, long ago, before we met i think. It was like a super pixelated picture of a cow head. I could see it easier if i was 20 feet away or took off my glasses. Sean's so ahead of his time.

I liked this one. Can you see me? the stroller blanket? my boot?

Why, what is this? Did we somehow stumble onto a ship in the harbor? The Intrepid, perhaps? Looking through a magic porthole, or "portal" to another dimension?

No. It's just a regular porthole. On the wall.

I thought this one was delightful. I'm not sure what these were made of. Sean is better with materials. But they were these vase/urn things, as you can see, each painted a color. And i loved the way the multiple facets & the reflecting light gave us all these different shades.

Sean! How did you get stuck in that sculpture?

Oh, it's not Sean. Just a replica of a man with his exact body type. Not to mention love of gray.

And a brief break to feed the baby.

Oh my. This was probably the weirdest thing there. A cow on a cougar on a.. what, a rooster? pheasant? i can't tell what that is.

Lastly, these were my faves. I mean, really. How delightful.


Ashley said...

I really like the swirly waves too. In fact, I attempted something similar when Anna and I were painting together the other day. Complete fail.

Britta said...

What the cool spoon with baby food in it! That's a work of art in and of itself!

I liked the porthole and the mirror craziness.