Thursday, February 18, 2010


blast off.

I posted about the release of The Lower West's album Only the Dead Know Brooklyn a while back but I have a feeling there may be some people who might want/need a re-look. Re-launch! We've added a twist! Please read:

Dear friends, fans of music, and/or people who I think have a good

Have you been asking yourself, how can i donate to charity while acquiring
some awesome tunes? Look no further.

As you may or may not have heard, I have a new album out with a band called
the Lower West. We are really proud of the music and feel like you will
enjoy it. Rather than a traditional release of the record we had a
thought, "what if we could use our record to help some people?"

To do this, we have made our album free to download--as long as you donate at
least $10 to charity. Each month for the next 10 months we will be
announcing a new cause that we support. If you donate $10 or more to them
you can download our album for free at Pretty

Our first month we will be supporting Phoenix Children's
, where Dom from the band works as a pediatric resident.
They do great work for some very sick kids, and we thought it would be nice to
offer some help.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for donating and/or passing this
along to all of your friends.


the Lower West (Jeff Jeppesen, Dominic Moore, Jennifer Morello)

personal note from me, Jen: Clearly this is a form message we are sending out to our friends, but I've added some of my own personal touches. (guess which parts and you'll win a prize!) But i would like to say, you've heard bits and pieces here and there on ye olde blog and now it's finally for real for real. It's been mastered and re-mastered and re-re-mastered. It's exciting. If you're dead inside you don't want to buy/donate at this time, at least leave a comment to tell me how super rad awesome it is that i'm in a band and you're really excited for me.


1. What if there is a different charity I want to give to?
please let us know! We have our list of 10, but we are
willing to add/change it if we find another cause that we may have missed.
Haven't you ever thought, oh that I could have some kind of platform to get
donations to my favorite charity? Well now's your chance!

2. What if I want a physical CD instead of a download?
We did a very limited release of physical CDs to keep down costs and because digital music is now so dominant. With this in mind, if you want a CD we ask that you donate at least $20 to charity and we will send you your own copy of the disc lickity split.

3. Can I catch a show by the Lower West?
We are unfortunately located on different end of the US at this time, but we planned ahead. You can see performances on YouTube by searching "the Lower West."

4. I don't have itunes, and also, this isn't a

Feel free to donate and i'll send you a copy.

Also, email us any other questions you might have or leave it in the comments!


Faces of Haiti said...

Hi Jen
I started using the blog a few weeks ago, I see that you're an expert on setting up and finding things to write about. just wanted to get some feedback on how to better manage the blog. hope to hear from you

Amber Alvarez said...

Jen, here's some really great news! I AM dead inside and this album STILL speaks to me. It's like a lullaby for the broken hearted AND people thankful to be alive. HOW IS IT SO GOOD? I'm so excited to finally have my hot little hands on it. It's lovely and I think you are so rad and I am so happy that you are in a band and that I finally have your music.
P.S. I am really excited for you ;)

Ashley said...

A question not located in the FAQs:

Perhaps it's shallow of me, but what if I would prefer donating to one of the other 9 charities instead of the one being featured? Is there a way to find out the others?

)en said...

that's a good question, ash. i will confer and get back to you. also: you don't HAVE to donate to charity. you can just buy it. :D who's shallow now?

thanks for the support, ash and amber. You're the best. amber, i hope this music will bring your innards back to life. if not that, then perhaps a cupcake.

Amber Alvarez said...

"i hope this music will bring your innards back to life. if not that, then perhaps a cupcake."

Jen: I was ecstatic about this music until you threw that out there. It is 10:25 on Tuesday Feb, 23rd and as of now, this album is yet to bring me a cupcake (*sad face)