Monday, February 15, 2010

i heart pizza

Sean and i went to a fabulous valentines party this weekend and our assignment was to bring something savory. How do we make a savory valentiney food?

Heart-shaped pizzas, that's how. Some pictures.

First, your standard "everything" pizza.

2nd: your standard margherita pizza. This was quite tasty, i must say. The mozzarella was heart-shaped at one point. You can kind of tell.

3rd: Your standard brie & canadian bacon pizza. It was delightsome, though it kind of looks like poop.

4th: The ever-classic goat cheese & grapes pizza. Unfortunately i don't have a picture of this but that's ok because the best part of all of this was the AMAZING carrier Sean constructed in 10 seconds for all of these pizzas. We first thought I might have to transport the pizzas, along with the baby, by myself but fortunately Sean was able to be there. So I went out of the room for like a second and came back and Sean was like, "so, i made you this thing..." Oh Sean. Sean Sean Sean:

Amazing. And wondrous. Here it is closed.

Of course, the best part of the pic: baby in a heart bandana. <-- i think i just came up with a song title.

What a lovely Valentine's it was.


Natalie R. said...

I absolutely love pizza. I could easily eat it once a week (or more often if I would allow myself to). Then sometimes I wonder, why don't we eat pizza more often?? And then I remember that if I eat pizza, I still have to make dinner for Samuel. Let me tell you, it's a rough, rough life being allergic to milk!!

Ashley said...

Sean is a wonder.

And I want some of that pizza.

Michelle said...

Wow. That box is amazing. I'm sure the pizza was delicious...but that box....infamous.

Lindsey said...

First thing I thought when you said you were going to a party and taking pizza: How do you get it there? With or without a car, pizza is a rough one. But leave it to clever Sean to make a totally, awesome carrier. Looks like something Ryan would do. Sigh, boys...

linsey said...

that pizza + its box was the highlight of the party. nay, of the holiday. nay, all of my 2010. and the leftovers were awesome as well.