Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love FAIL

I've been obsessed with the fail blog lately. Whereas I used to use the term "FAIL!" every now and then, I now use it all. the. time. And this blog is the best thing ever to come into existence. I think it deserves its own post.

I confess, I REALLY love newscaster bloopers or whatever. Why? Because i think they are idiots, generally, and deserve to be publicly humiliated. Maybe that's harsh. Maybe it isn't. (side note: does anyone else think publicly should have a "k" in there? publickly. Um, maybe not.) I love when their bloopers consist of them reading the teleprompter wrong which shows they have no idea what they're doing or saying, and are merely exhibiting the fact that they can read, and poorly, while looking nice. For example:

(To see this on the website, click here.)

Hahaha! Shoot, it just makes me laugh.

This one is probably one of THE best fails:


Hahahaha! Seriously? is this real? I can't believe it, and yet, how could someone come up with such a thing. You'd have to be an evil genius. Man oh man. For some weird reason, I wish that person was me. Sure i'd be a total idiot, but what a tale to tell, when all is well. (<-- well that was inadvertent). Sometimes i am scared of what i might do for the story.

This one is for my friend Katie:

I love the video fails. I love this one because it "hits a little too close to home," if you will. (is that really a baseball reference? I just got it. Funny. ) How embarrassing.


Ashley said...


Alanna said...

Fail blog and My life is Average are two of the websites that I have to try to not spend too much time looking at every day, because I tend to neglect my children and my housework for them... They really are AWESome, though.

(I recommend NOT wasting your time with fml, though-- it's too depressing and upsetting. But I'm kind of weird that way...)

Natalie R. said...

Oh my gosh, those are hilarious!! I've never heard of fail blog before, but I'll have to check it out. I can't believe the lady with the biscuits, and that seriously is the best pitch I've ever seen!!