Thursday, December 17, 2009

weather scare

The background on my gmail is "tree" i believe it is called, which shows the weather conditions that supposedly are true to my area. I often judge what the weather is by looking at my gmail (and not opening the window blinds, 5 centimeters away). Today, however, gmail threw me for a loop when it shows it was raining. what the? CRAP! i thought. But then i did look out the window and: no. false. No rain. Then, just now, i saw everything on my background covered in SNOW. WHAT? I just ran to the window: False. Don't mess with me, gmail background thing!!!

(as far as i'm concerned, snow is unacceptable before January, except for Dec. 25. But even then, i can definitely leave it.) (as in, take it or leave it...)

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