Monday, December 14, 2009

stream of christmas consciousness

I've realized that, when it comes to tree-decorating, I don't necessarily have to barf up onto the tree all of the ornaments I've ever obtained in my life, down to the last homemade tiny santa made out of yarn (though there's nothing wrong with them) or "2nd Christmas in NY" medallion ornament. Nor do I have to succumb to the stale mold of the department store look whilst trying to maintain some order. This year Sean found our perfect tree & brought it home on a Thursday and we looked at it in our comfy home while it rained all day the following Saturday. And this year we decided to go with more recently-purchased ornaments, mostly super cute wooden ones, along with a tiny throw-back tin angel that i love, and a gingerbread man that's made out of nutmeg or something. (p.s. if i had a daughter named Meg, I would call her that. I bet I'm the first person to ever think of that.) Oh, Sean just informed me it's made out of cloves. It's all the same, Sean. We also went with all white lights and I'm not sure if it's enough for me. I am feeling the need to purge a bit and I really don't want to. So what do i do? Add larger white lights to add some texture? Because i'm this close to putting up the colored globe lights (and the tiny yarn santas).


Britta said...

barf up onto the tree! ha ha! That's totally what so many trees look like.

Try to add a strand of red lights. That might compliment the wood and still feel festive.

)en said...

why, that is genius!