Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rijenha vs. Kate Jensselin

The other night I had a hair party in my house. This consisted of eating food and a lot of hair cutting going on. I have a rockin' haircut thanks to my friend Emily.

T'is a good thing, and none too soon, for I was this close to requiring people to call me Sasquatch, and that's not something I really wanted to do.

I couldn't decide which look I wanted to go for, Rihanna or Kate Gosselin. Which do you think I should have done?



Joel said...

Why choose between them when you could get a couple classy wigs?

Ashley said...

I'm concerned about the idea of a hair party. I keep imagining lots of little hairs ending up in the dip and stuff, so I hope that's not what happened. Ha ha.

I think you should definitely go blond. If not today then someday.

)en said...

I should get some wigs. I could easily get some in the wig district.

funny you should say that. someone had their drink below the haircutting stool and her hair was all in it. This was after jokes about eating hair for our hair party. Actually, I think someone found a hair in their dessert too. Good times.

Blond... I kind of want to, even though i know i'd look like a hideous beast. Maybe one day.

Joel said...

Hideous beast, eh? Sounds like Halloween would be the day to try it.

Alanna said...

No redhead choices to choose from?