Monday, July 27, 2009

pregnancy post

Before all of this began, Sean and I were highly amused by all of the "pregnancy" phrases that seem to become part of people's vernacular. This includes "pregnancy dream," "pregnancy brain," etc. One of my favorites is when I heard someone say, "Ohhh, i am having pregnancy heatstroke." I was delighted and since then, we try to tack "pregnancy" on to everything. Examples:

"I am having a pregnancy dilemma."

"Have you seen my pregnancy pen?"

"Don't pregnancy shout at me!"

"I just had a pregnancy idea!"

"Would you like some pregnancy pancakes?"

we have a good time.


Ashley said...

Jen, you make me laugh. You're such a good pregnancy writer.

Joel said...

I too had a good pregnancy laugh at this post.

Alanna said...

Can I have some pregnancy pancakes the next time you make them? (Or do you have to BE pregnant to really truly enjoy them?)

)en said...

absolutely. all can enjoy pregnancy pancakes for they are delicious.

KamilahNYC said...

You guys are funny. What's your favorite pregnancy dish? and I hope you're enjoying your new pregnancy hair!

Natalie R. said...

That's awesome! What does your pregnancy pen look like?

Anonymous said...

Я тоже век от времени такое замечала, но как-то ранее не присваивала этому значения.