Wednesday, April 15, 2009

not so cool

I would just really really really love to play the electric guitar. It's just the coolest bad-awesome instrument. The problem is that I don't play the guitar and don't really want to learn. I play the piano though, which is nowhere near as cool, but maybe I could play an electric piano!

oh wait.



Rob said...

Maybe you could find one of those piano guitars from the 80's! Hangs around your neck like a guitar but with keys. Or you could get a synthesizer piano and play electric guitar sounds on it, or you could give up and die.

Joel said...

Lately I've been wanting to develop an electric ukulele. Someone else probably has, but I don't feel like looking it up.

)en said...

Electric ukulele? that would be extra bad-awesome.

Rob, i laughed out loud at your comment...that last line: Funny. And how did i not think of the piano guitar??

Andrew said...

Um, to be honest, guitar is easier than piano. In most ways. Harder in a few ways.

But if you're going to play electric guitar, learn on an acoustic. Then electric will seem sixty eight times easier. Because you're mostly playing power chords. Unless you're lead guitar, and you rip out sick solos like it's nothing.

As to the electric piano around your neck: they didn't die after the 80's. Ever heard of Dragonforce? Not only do they use one of those, but they have sicknasty guitar, especially the solos and duet in Through Fire and Flames.