Monday, April 13, 2009


In Easter celebration, I have taken some pictures of our festivities involving eggs and candy, what Easter is all about. Have a look.

First though, some pretty pretty Easter tulips. Tulips are pretty.

I love to dye eggs. This year I wanted to go au naturale. Here are some eggs in water. Aren't you glad I took a picture of this? Look how well they boil.

For greenish yellow, we boiled the skins of yellow delicious apples and some carrot tops.

For pink we put the egg in some beet juice, and then ate the beets in a salad. I kind of heart beets these days.

For red we boiled the skins of red onions with cranberry juice. Red onions are lovely. Sean couldn't get over them. Who can though, really.

For blue we put the egg in a cup of Welch's grape juice.

For green we boiled some spinach. I did not take a picture of this. Wait, yes I did.

We let them sit in their cups of various dyes and foodstuffs overnight and here they are. (click on pic to enlarge) LOVE. I want to do this forever and ever. Plus we get to eat some of the residuals, like the boiled onion skins. Mmm.

Interestingly, the red is not really red and the green is far from it. Perhaps we did it wrong. That's ok, they are gorgioso.

For the basket, Sean was in charge of getting the easter bunny. Instead of a bunny, however, he found the chocolate egg of my dreams and oh yes, i dream about them. Often.

Here I am conveying my shock at what? what's that now?
TRUFFLES inside the egg o' deliciousness?? (you know it's exciting when I all-caps AND italicize a word) They were a-mazing. Cocoa powder-dusted shell with varying centers--chocolate, creamy something, buttery caramel... I died.

Here is another face depicting my disbelief that such a thing can even exist. It's beyond just relishing and savoring the goodness. The egg is suspect. I am suspicious that something so insanely good can be of this world and I am wondering what kind of Easter aliens gave Sean this gift and whether or not they can be trusted. I am explaining this to you because Sean said it looked like I was grossed out or hated it. False.

However, now that i look at the picture again, it looks like I'm not even looking at the egg, and maybe i wasn't? i don't remember, so.. i don't know what that means. Maybe i was just trying to make sense of it all, and stared off into space while doing so. (p.s. does my hair look grey in these pictures?? I swear it's not but what the hey? Maybe the shock from this egg made me suddenly age 30 years.)

Our easter basket is adorned with chocolates from some beloved chocolatiers and MAN is it some good stuff. I have labeled the easter basket contents for you.

Happy Easter.


MelBroek said...

Hmm... I am not sure how I feel about your decision to go au naturale. What do you have against synthetic dyes? We used neon IN ADDITION TO normal this year, and the colors are, how you say, more vibrant. I think your efforts are creative, but I'm wondering about the reasoning behind this. Am I a bad person for using store-bought dye tablets? Is it wrong that I enjoy the smell of vinegar/dye fizz?

Joel said...

Today I learned that you can inject dye into a viable chicken egg and the chick will hatch with that coloring, and keep it for a few weeks. I think that's my plan next year.

linsey said...

i would love to comment but i am very busy wiping the drool of my face/computer.

Anthony and Rene said...

That is an awesome idea. I am going to have to try it next year. i really like the way they turned out.

Pedersen Posse said...

I had no idea you could dye eggs that way. Very interesting... If I actually like hard-boiled eggs, I'd have to give it a try. Maybe Sydney can do a science experiment like that. You've given me some great things to think about.

BTW, I'm totally jealous of your choco boquet. My tummy is now rumbling and my mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

)en said...

You should absolutely try it. It's buckets of fun. Just add water & vinegar.

Melissa--I have nothing against neon egg dye. I wanted to try something new. It sounds to me like you have some guilt though... maybe you should address that. ;)

Joel, i'm disturbed.
Lins-- hi. I like you. You too, Rene.