Friday, April 10, 2009

Wall of Mirrors

We've been doing some redecorating lately and here is something fun for you to look at. Sean's been working on this project for months now. He'll find old frames at work or on the street or make them or add to already existing ones. Each one has a bit of a story. And then he'll get some mirror glass to put in it or black glass. He put them all up last weekend and I'm sure more will join in the future. We spent a lot of time rearranging them on the floor, trying to figure out the best configuration. It is good times.

I kind of have a nice rule of thumb. It is this: Instead of feeling the need to put up crappy art on your wall, put a mirror. One might think we're vain to have so many mirrors on the wall. And one might be right. I consider it more of a display of the frame. It's an art piece, whatever it is. And I enjoy looking at it.

Here's the before wall.

And the after wall.


Joel said...

I love how you were able to stick out your left hand so it reflects in that one mirror. It's that attention to detail that keeps everybody coming back to your blog.

Amy said...

That looks pretty cool. If I were as pretty as you I would like to look at myself all day in them too....ha hah.

)en said...

haha, it's pretty much what i do all day. And if i want to focus on one feature at a time I can look in the tiny ones. "today, my nose..."

aww, thanks joel. *beaming*

sarah said...

i love the wall guys. i think it looks great, and who cares if everyone thinks you are long as you look good, who cares?

)en said...

so true. they're just jealous anyway.

KamilahNYC said...

ah, the mirrors are a lovely touch. nice work!