Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Google Fun

Ok, i'm a sucker and did the fun google thing where you type in your name and then random verbs and then paste the first phrase. They are humorous, what can i say? And, as usual, I'll add my thoughts and evaluation of the truthfulness of these statements.

Jen needs... to have a session or two with a therapist. False. I am right as rain in all areas of my life. ALL.

Jen looks like... she has down's. Ok, i almost wet myself when i read this. I am sorry but it did. So funny. Was not expecting that. I hope it's not true but there wouldn't be anything wrong with that if it was.

Jen says..."Save Money, buy from a family farmer!" Yeah! I can support that. I'm a big fan of farmers markets.

Jen wants... a Manhattan man. False. I am a proud Brooklyner and am married to one as well.

Jen does...not love muffins! FALSE! this is almost blaspheme.

Jen hates... evil empire Starbucks. Mm.. false. I am not a hater. I don't visit it much. I did have a nice caramel hot chocolate there one time though.

Jen asks, "Seriously, what did we do before the Internet?" I DO ask that. Seriously, what did we do??

Jen likes... to dance (although everyone else does NOT like to watch Jen dance). This is great and probably would totally apply to me, if i really did like to dance. It's fun sometimes i guess but i rarely do it.

Jen eats... 1/2 a pickle in 45 seconds. False. I could do it much faster than that.

Jen wears... many hats. True. Literally and figuratively.

Jen was arrested for... beating up another girl living in her apartment building. False. I have done no such thing, but I'm not saying I wouldn't. You know, if she was asking for it.

Jen loves... me! True. I do love me. And probably you too.
(I said probably... Ash.)


Joel said...

I've never done the arrested one before. Among other things, Joel was arrested for shooting a dog. It was probably keeping him up all night with its barking.

Michelle said...

haha! I love it. Jen looks like she has downs. Hahh.

sarah said...

that's cute. i wanted to try it but i think i'm a little too lazy right now. maybe later. you really do make me laugh (i will never type LOL though, just so you know)

)en said...

please don't. i would have to disown you.

yeah these are just entertaining. i kind of want to do more... that downs one is the best ever.