Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy Grammar Day

Today is apparently National Grammar Day and while I occasionally consider myself an imperfect grammar nazi, I'm going to have a little fun today with this blog post o' randomness. Below are two paragraphs with several various grammar or spelling errors. See if you can find them all. Go!

Sew the other day I was, in the, subway station and again, in the station of 14th street strange things occur always.This time a guy gots on the speaker to test it.... often they have pre-recorded announcement's... (at least I think their prerecorded. I wonder often?) ...saying 'there is a bound for brooklyn r train at 34th street'.... so you know, sort of where the Train is and that its coming soon. They usually tell you when its close. Aaaanyway irrerelevent. So this times this guy got on who had a strange, strange and thick acent. I am not sure wear he was from but as soon as he started counting I new Immediately. transylvania. He sounded JUST like theh count on Sesame Street. "test...test... one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten'. Any secont I was waiting for him too laugh; "Ah! ah! ahhh!" And gotta say it was a little "unnerving" when he began to count down from ten. Sometimes you can get kind of "paranoid" in this Town.

I have a question? And may be this should be made into some kind of law of sience or whatever. Jens Law? Maybe not. But my question is this; why is it that the People who whistle in public is the people who dont know how to whistle? I mean really. Whats going on here! Whistling has been on the list long of most common annoying things to do around other's but that, aside, at this point in my life, Id just take someone who can actually whistle a real tune: something with some kind of Melody instead of random dissonant nonsense. I dont understand. Perhaps im two "critical".

Happy Grammar Day. Hope this wasn't too painful. It kind of was for me. But fun too, and weirdly difficult. Also, which was your favorite error? I have mine.

(click here to open a Word document with the original, which I make zero claim is anywhere near grammatically perfect, but more tolerable to read, perhaps.)


Joel said...

The sad thing is that I was just looking at another friend's blog, and her writing bears more resemblance to your deliberately error-infused samples (except she doesn't know how to write in paragraphs).

Natalie R. said...

I have to admit, I can't even bear to read that - although, if I had a red pencil that worked on the computer, maybe I could've. ;0)

sarah said...

ok, i couldn't read it. i just had to skip to the word document with the original. i can't even imagine what mary must be going through when she reads it...must be like nails on the chalkboard. oh, p.s. i just found something almost as bad as nails on the chalkboard. brett was cutting a hole out of a shoebox and was using scissors i think. i have the chills now just thinking of it. try it, i dare you.

)en said...

Ha ha.. does it sqeak? now i'm curious. I'm sure i've done it before but i don't know.

Yeah sorry everyone. it was pretty bad. I personally like irrerelevent. Remember how "irregardless" was on every grammar test in jr. high? who would say such a thing?

Pedersen Posse said...

Yep... add me to the wanted to fix it, but couldn't take the pain anymore list. Too many things wrong. I still say unthawed and Tyler corrects me. To unthaw something don't you just freeze it again? It's the same category as your irregardless... that's why I thought of it.