Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sean and I bought new keychains on the same day, independently of each other. It's strange when you tell your spouse, "I bought a new keychain today" and he says, "I did too!" Not sure what to make of that. I buy keychains approximately once a never. We brought them out that evening and compared, each with an argument on why his/hers was the coolest and/or most useful.

Sean's is a color-coded keychain where he put covers on all of his keys.

SEAN: "See, my work key is gold--money. gilded frames. Then red for blood-- home. family. Then these others keys I don't know what they are but it would disrupt the rainbow if i took them out."

On my keychain was a compass, a whistle, a magnifying glass AND a thermometer. all in one. (This was in the summertime when I was looking for a compass for girls camp.)

JEN: How many times have i been out where I've found myself totally lost & disoriented, then panicked, needed to make a loud noise for help, then saw something, thought "I can't see that tiny thing clearly!!!" and then "How HOT is it out here??" So many times.


Joel said...

Tell me I don't really see a "z" in the title.


)en said...

Believe it, Joel. And love it.

Annie said...

Wow, MFOE. That was hard. Every time I say or write that acronym I have to count it on my fingers. And yes, it sure does come up alot. Never like this before, never. You are like two twinsouls. Shakespearean.