Friday, February 27, 2009

Would You Rather? #2

Here are some would you rathers today. Please read, consider, ponder, and leave your own thoughts.

Would you rather make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for surviving the most shark attacks -OR- the most lightning strikes?

This depends. How damaged am I as a result of these events? I feel it is more likely, though i know nothing regarding lightning-struck survivors, to be more severely damaged and deformed by repeated shark attacks, though it would be cool to be known for that. I must have lost some limbs by now, right? Gotten huge chunks taken out of me? And on the other hand, (or not, if it got bit off) has the lightning completely fried my brain? Have i been left paralyzed? Or do I have a magical power now giving me the ability to move things without touching them, come up with the perfect fertilizer recipe for my crops, and sense earthquakes before they happen? And, continuing, would being struck by lightning somehow leave a tumor in my brain? What are the results? I need to know. However, without knowing, I guess right now i'd say lightning strikes. Being in the Guinness Book of World Records would be a dream come true, for whatever reason.

Would you rather be liked by all -OR- loved by half of the people and hated by the other half?

For now, I'll say liked by all. They'll soon love me. Oh yes, they will. Sean says the second option is what fame is so maybe the question is, do you want fame? I don't, really. Sean's answer? yes absolutely.
I like to remain largely anonymous and to be appreciated for things by the select few who happen to notice. I think I'm great, but I'll wait for you to find that out for yourself. Those paying attention will be the truly deserving.

Would you rather have shown on national TV a lengthy video of you in a store dressing room, making faces, talking to yourself, etc. -OR- have shown a short
video of you, in your underwear, lip-synching to a rock 'n roll song in your bedroom?

Though there is no shame in the latter, for some reason I choose the former. I do this all the time in mirrors anyway (not necessarily dressing rooms) and to have it be shown on television would be hilarious. I've known I was a weirdo for years and I have no shame. Well mostly no shame. But this reminds me of when I was 10 years, in Germany, and playing with the hotel elevator with my sister. The elevator was glass (and great) and therefore, you could see the lobby as you were coming down. My sister would go up and as she came back down, I'd be making a difference face each time, against the glass surrounding the elevator. This was quite entertaining for us and then I was caught by the hotel manager who said, "Vie are you making ze faces in ze vindow?" If you have to ask, mein herr, you don't understand the awesomeness of the game.


Would you rather always spit when you talk -OR- always be spit on when spoken to?

I would rather always spit when I talk. I am just one person so if I do that to people I talk to, sorry, but it's only me, for the most part. It's not going to ruin your life. But if EVERYONE I talk to spits on me, that might ruin my life and i'd be a social recluse more than i already am.


Joel said...

1) I'll take the shark attacks, because at least I can stay on dry land. If I had been struck repeatedly by lightning, I'd always be worried about it, like that guy on the movie The Great Outdoors.

2) I guess I'll take the bedroom one, since everyone does that anyway.

3) I guess I'll choose being the spit-upon. I am always paranoid about such things as the freshness of my breath, and I could never have a moment's peace if I were always worried about spraying it when I say it. So I'll take one for the team. But I would be very careful about whom I allowed to speak to me.

Scott said...

I think these are fun if you think of them as imperatives. Rather than, "would you rather," perhaps it should be, "You must either". Think of it sort of like your own "Choose your own adventure"-reality show. Fame will flow to you as wide as the Mississippi River (for five seconds).

Rob said...

1. This is really a question of, are you an idiot or does God hate you? If I choose shark attacks I am a freaking idiot for going in the water that many times. I can see facing your fears and getting back in after your first attack, but after a second time, I'm done with the ocean, and, for that matter, Sea World. If I choose lightening God has it in for me. So I guess I choose Sharks and Stupidity.
2. Easy, liked by all. If everyone likes you, no one tries to sue or kill you. I'll sacrifice being loved for not being hated.
3. Doesn't matter, either one, because everyone likes me. (Please Refer to number two).
4. As someone who deals with spit on a daily basis, I'd like to be the one dishing it out for a change.

Joel said...

That's funny that I missed the fame question. I guess that means I want everyone to be indifferent towards me.

Pedersen Posse said...

1. Lightning is really the only option because I will NEVER be in a situation, especially repeatedly, to get bitten by sharks. I am PETRIFIED of deep water, like I am of heights. My aunt has been hit a couple times, indirectly and has survived without a blemish. Her brother, who was also hit, has some mental damage and burns. I still would rather have been damaged mentally and burned than have body parts eaten and missing. Maybe if I was insane, I'd be insane enough to not remember being hit by lightning repeatedly or at least not care about it.

2. Defintely liked by all. I can't stand it when people HATE someone, especially if it was me.

3. I, too, would have to pick lip syncing in my underwear. If it was singing, my vote would have gone the other way. I don't want to have anyone hear me sing on national tv.

4. I would definitely pick spitting on other people instead of being spit upon. I detest spit. It's one of the grossest things in my book. Tyler doesn't understand my phobia. Spit needs to stay in his mouth and not on me. Other people's spit that I don't know... ugh... I can't stop shuddering at the thought.

)en said...

Ha ha. Angie, what many phobias you have. How interesting. :) Is Tyler often spitting on you?
I also love the idea that getting struck by lightning might make one "insane." ha ha.
Funny stuff... thanks for the comments.

Pedersen Posse said...

Yes, Tyler loves to get spit on me. He thinks it's hilarious, for reasons beyond me. He'll just randomly lick me or he loves to give wet willies, mostly to the kids, but he'll try to sneak one in my ear sometimes... GROSS!!!!!!