Monday, March 02, 2009

NY Moment

Living in this city is an interesting thing. I have long given up trying to fully explain or describe it to people because it is just not possible. You have to live here. I can talk about something but i feel it will never be understood until it's experienced firsthand for one's self. It's a bit frustrating, and lonely at times, but that's alright.

Here's something though: One thing about living here is the interesting dynamic and the proximity one has with other people, which is very very close, and all the time. In other places i've lived (which = 1) you live in your house that is quite separated from others (relatively), and you leave your house and get in your car, and you live a somewhat isolated life, in ways. Here, you are forced to be with other people much of the time. Many people, all kinds of people. Sometimes you are sleeping on people and sometimes you hear their intimate conversations. Sometimes you are so close you can count the freckles on their left cheek. Sometimes you have an up close view of their lives and you know more about them than you wish you did. All of these things can be good, bad, highly unpleasant, or extremely heart-warming. All of it, love it or hate it are moments of humanity and though i may tire of the crowds at time, there is something quite poignant to be said about this interaction one is forced to have, living here. Every day is full of these NY moments and when they are good, they are very very good. Here is one.

A few days ago i was on the Q train that goes over the Manhattan Bridge which extends over the East River. Check out these pictures. This one is the view from the train on the bridge. Not the whole view, but a bit of it (except for the towers, of course. :( )

Here's an awesome pic of the Manhattan & Brooklyn bridges. The manhattan one is further north. It's the more steely blue one. Bklyn (the borrough) is to the right, (or i guess top) Manhattan on the left.

Here are a couple cooler pics:

As you can see, the M Bridge is quite close to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is pretty & grand. Beyond that you might see the little speck that is the Statue of Liberty. The view is quite pleasant. Every once in a while I am riding that train and I see this insane view, particularly at nighttime, the lights from the skyline shine, and it's one of those moments when I'm reminded just where exactly I live, and I am shocked. It's pretty great.

On the train there was a man who looked a lot like Steven Spielberg, but with a more prominent nose and of possibly shorter height. He wore a beanie hat and kind of looked like a gnome. He had twinkling eyes and a scruffy face and a small chin. He sat in a seat that gives you a great view of the outside and I was enraptured by the look on his face. He was so happy, soaking in the view like many of us have done at one point, but have long forgotten about. I couldn't stop staring at him and if anyone saw me looking at him they must have thought i was truly a crazy person. The sun was glinting off the bridge and water, the layers of buildings passed by with various forms of graffiti painted on their edifice. And my gnome friend was loving it, with a big smile on his face, and, watching him, I had a big smile on my face, and these are the little New York moments that I love.


Joel said...

Am I the only one not seeing the map? Maybe I just don't have that NY spirit...

)en said...

whoop, sorry about that. I forgot i never found a decent map. So i put in some pics instead to sort of give an idea.

Stephanie said...

Awwww...sweet. Thanks for sharing.

sarah said...

thanks for giving me a taste of NY. i think it's a great thing to be that connected to others...especially those that you don't choose to see. here, we pretty much filter the people we want to spend time with, don't we?
keep up the good bogs...i mean blogs.

Rob said...

nice post. I kept reading the word gnome over and over again like it was genome (you can tell I'm still in school) and couldn't figure out how a person could look like a genome. A gnome would be much easier.

Natalie R. said...

In Paris we would always share our "Metro Moments." There is truly something wonderful about taking public transportation in a beautiful city!