Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Westminster Dog Show

Ok, I'm kind of in love with dog shows lately. Maybe this is because I recently watched the movie Best in Show which is so unbelievably awesome. I had seen it before but I think it took the 2nd time for me to truly appreciate it.

There was a time when I would have made fun of anyone for being interested in such a thing and even now I still sort of make fun of myself. But here and there I'll watch bits and pieces and we'll make jokes but I confess that deep down, we really do like it. Last night Sean and I watched a bit of the Westminster show and saw the Toy category which is super fun times with all the mini dogs. (Also, watching the handlers awkwardly trot/jog beside their dogs secretly pleases me.)

And, it should be said that as each dog shows itself to be cuter and tinier, Jen's voice and speech becomes higher and more freakishly baby talk-y.

The first entry was this little Affenpinscher or "monkey dog."

At first i was like, "laaame" but then i liked him. I mean, he has a little monkey face! Fun times.

Then I saw this one which became my favorite. The maltese:

Ha ha ha look at his long hair and how long it is! And so long! Heeheeehee! It was so funny when he would run around. He reminded me of the enchanted footstool dog in Beauty and the Beast. I thought he was pretty and funny with all the hair. But i feel kind of bad for these dogs, like they're always tripping over and eating their own hair and are wondering why no one will cut it for them. At least they put barrettes in it to get it out of their eyes.

So that was my favorite... UNTIL. Until I saw the pomeranian whereupon I immediately died of a cuteness seizure:

Ohmygosh--soooo cuuuuuutegaaakkakakakak!!!! And when he started to run?? I died all over again. Here are a couple more pics of my new fave:

Aaaah sooo PUFFY! PUFFY PUFFY PUFFERFACE! Also, my babytalk sort of turns to violent eruptions of the only words i can think to say.

Here's a white one just because he's sooo tiiinyyy and white and cuuuuute. I'm kind of feeling like Lenny right now. I need to calm down.

A toy entry that I'm never a big fan of:

the toy poodle. Poodles are laaame.

Here was a strange dog, the last entry. A Mexican Hairless. At first i was somewhat creeped out and was like, "What the crap is THAT?? GROSS." But then I loved him. I'm not a big fan of the hairless but you just couldn't take your eyes off this guy. I think they mentioned the ancient Mayans worshipped this dog. He's like a weird punkrock fawn or something.

In the end, this guy was the grand winner of the toy dogs:

Hahaha, just kidding. As i was google searching, that pic came up with the heading "ugliest dog in the world dies." Suckers. Have that image in your brain when you go to sleep tonight. So frightening.

No, here is the real winner. He's a Brussels Griffon in the upper left corner. Kind of boring if you ask me:

Notice my pomeranian got 4th. Next year, little poofy puffy puff. Next year. And maybe i'll be there. The Westminster show is in NY. I was like, "dang, we should have gotten tickets!" I'd totally be up there with all of the dog nerds. Ah well...


Anonymous said...

The pomeranian puppy photo is ridiculous. Why on earth would it be so cute? I'm not its mom, or even its species...

Rob said...

Best in show is a very funny movie, but it was never intended to drive anyone to actually watch a dog show. I'm sure if the producers discovered your blog they would ashamed of their creation. Some of these breeders should also be ashamed of their creation. Dog abominations!

Joel said...

I'm not really a dog person, but watching the shows is somehow fascinating.

MelBroek said...

Call me a horrible person, but I do not think ANY of those dogs are very cute. I don't like little yippy things. Blech. My roommate has a poster of 16 different puppies, each posing in its own colorful tennis shoe. Kinda makes me want to gag myself with a ladle every time I see it.

Pedersen Posse said...

I, too, am a fan of dog shows, but I like the sporting category better. Now those are REAL dogs. :)

PS- the world's ugliest dog was the ugliest animal I have ever seen. Even uglier than the naked mole rat. Wait. It is the naked mole rat just older and bigger.

lindsey v said...

I came upon your blog a while back (through Amy's - my sister is married to her brother) and I love it. I think you have an fun sense of humor.

I'm sure the producers of 'Best in Show' watched many a dog show before they decided to make the movie. And I think it's fun to watch real dog shows and make comparisons with the movie and laugh and then watch in wonder as they decide the winners. I would probably never watch a dog show if I had never seen 'Best in Show' but somehow, seeing the movie has drawn me to them. (And I definitely laugh watching the real thing.)

)en said...

Lindsey, I think you're totally right (and welcome!) As I was watching I kept thinking back to the movie, especially the awesome announcer guy saying ridiculous things. They said things almost as ridiculous in the real one. Cracks me up.

)en said...

p.s. sean-- totally busted up at "i'm not its mom..." I know you were being sincere but that's just funny.