Friday, February 06, 2009

Would You Rather?

I like to seriously ponder ridiculous things. Because of this and in order to spark some reader comments so I feel good about myself, I'm going to list 3 "would you rather" questions and answer them as seriously as I can. I would love to read your answers as well. So please, whoever you are, give your input on these deep philosophical questions of life that we may all gain from what you have to say and walk away better people.


Would you rather be left on a stationary ski lift over night during a snowstorm -OR- be trapped on a continuously operating triple-loop rollercoaster for 24 hours?


Well, assuming I am wearing appropriate attire on the ski lift, I choose that one. If i can huddle on the lift and if it's only for one night, i might survive, right? And i'm probably with someone, right? So maybe we could keep each other warm. If I were on that rollercoaster, though I love them, looping for TWENTY-FOUR HOURS??? After I emerge from the pool of my own vomit, I think i might just fling myself out of it to just end it all. I feel that could truly screw you up.

Would you rather go to your 20-year class reunion and have everybody comment on how old you look -OR- have nobody remember you at all?

This is tough, for I think I would find both instances really, really funny. I am highly amused by the blatant tactlessness of others and i'd hopefully be confident enough not to be too bothered by it. If nobody remembered me... well, that's just not possible. But if that were the case, I would wonder what alternate universe i had stepped into and where the rip in the space/time continuum was. But I'd laugh if this happened too because it's just so sad and laughing is better than crying. And then I'd do something at the reunion so they'd never..forget me.. AGAIN.


Would you rather not be allowed to wash your hair for a month -OR- not be allowed to wash your hands for a month (not in the shower, not anywhere)?

Are you kidding me? I'd rather not be allowed to wash my hair for a month. a) I would rather throw myself into a pit of starving crocodiles than go to bed with dirty hands and b) Merry Christmas to ME! i hate washing my hair. I mean, i don't love being greasy but I loooooathe showering. And what's a little grease that a ponytail and bandana can't fix? Or i could just shave it all off. Man, this rule would open so many doors for me & give me so many excuses for things i want to do but society/Sean won't let me.

I am very entertained by these. If you like them too, maybe we'll have it be a Friday post ritual. So what are your answers? You don't have to answer them all. But if you have a particular opinion on one of these, let's hear it please. And happy weekend to you.


)en said...

for the record, Sean does not care how i style my hair or what length it is. He is, however, not so proud when I tell people I hate showering and wish i didn't have to.

Pedersen Posse said...

One- I can't pick. Both would be a nightmare for me. I'm PETRIFIED of heights, so that elliminates the ski lift. I have an extremely weak stomach and it gets worse the older I am. So, I prefer to avoid both situations. Thank you very much.

Two- I'd like people to tell me how old I look. Everyone always tells me I don't look as old as I am. They always think Katie is older than me. It'd be nice to hear for once that I looked old. :)

Three- I think I'd choose not to wash my hands for month. I LOVE to shower. I would stay in there all day if I could. By virtue of being able to wash your hair, you'd wash your hands anyway, unless you had to wear gloves... but I'd still say washing my hair. I can't stand to have greasy hair.

Well... that was fun. :)

Joel said...

1. Roller coaster (The bathroom situation could be a problem, which I'm surprised nobody has addressed so far, but we're talking about embarrassment vs. probably death.)
2. People thinking I look old. The only person whose opinion of my appearance matters is my wife.
3. I have no good answer for this. I think unwashed hair would end up smelling worse after a month than unwashed hands, though.

)en said...

I must respond.

Angie, you can't wash your hands in the shower. it says so. And I can't imagine hair being all that smelly.. and think of all the germs and diseases you'll be coming into contact with, never washing your hands. You'll be a human petri dish. This is why you guys' answers are wrong. j/k. thanks for commenting and being my true friends. I hate everyone else.

Our Blog said...

I would have to side with you on your choices.
I can't get enough of these random thoughts.......

MelBroek said...

Jen, you can't HATE everyone else just because we don't want to make that sick decision. I object wholeheartedly. You haven't commented on any of MY open-ended blog posts in a while, but I don't hate YOU. You know why? Because I am a better person, and because we share a birthday.

Ashley said...

Angie, I'm with Jen on this one. I can't even imagine not washing my hands for a day. Just think. Say you change a diaper, take out the trash, touch raw meat for dinner, and then eat pizza?!?! No way! And that could be done in only an hour. I can't even handle talking about it anymore. :)

Rob said...

1. I would definitely choose the ski lift. Even without proper attire once hypothermia sets in you feel warm anyway, and I would probably hallucinate, who doesn't love that?
2. Tough one. I just went to my 10 year reunion and after that I may not even attend my 20. So I guess I would choose to not be remembered. I also interpret young to mean "smokin hot." They'll remember me now!
3. Short hair plus an occupation requiring hand washing ~30x/day makes this decision easy. (I choose to wash my hands for those with no deductive logic capabilities)

)en said...

Hear hear, Ash. Excellent visual. And Melissa-- you are right. I could never hate someone who shares my birthday.

Rob, you have to wash your hands 30 times a day? Wow. Once upon a time, I'd be jealous but now, my hands would shrivel up and DIE. (I acquired a skin sensitivity because of over hand-washing.

Rob said...

Maybe not actually 30 but before and after every patient, plus bathroom breaks, plus meal times and I start to get close. Alcohol hand sanitizer saves my hands, especially in winter.

Pedersen Posse said...

I have it figured out. I would wear disposable gloves, therefore my hands would never get dirty in the month I won't wash them and I wouldn't be breaking the rules. So, when I changed a diaper or cut meat, I'd just put on a new pair of gloves. I can't stop my hair from getting ultra greasy, unless, like Jen pointed out, I shaved it bald.