Thursday, January 29, 2009

My brain is human too

Often my brain, though I love it, retrieves the wrong word for me. I demand things from it every single moment of my life and sometimes I think it gets a little tired and careless. Totally understandable. So when I tell it to get a word, it goes to the file and without looking closely, grabs a word, sends it on its way, my mouth just does what its told and then I eventually realize (sometimes not on my own) that it is, indeed, incorrect.

The other day i said in IM to Sean, "Problem: i'd like to have birthdays sometime soon, but it's always hard to thaw the meat in time."


What I meant to say was "I'd like to have burgers sometime soon."

Birthdays? yeah, close, brain. They both start with the "brr" sound. [apparently that's as far as it got when it opened the file.] Good job. Keep up the good work. *pat pat*

(I like to compliment it and buoy it up so that, for example, the next time a cupboard is ajar, and seeing it out the corner of my eye, I have the reflexes to duck at the last minute and avoid getting a cupboard corner in the cranium which i think we can all agree is a fate worse than death.)


Rob said...

It knows what your up to Jen. No patronizing compliments can get past the brain who created it. It always knows.

Joel said...

Well, trying to keep it from injury only goes so far. You need to find out what it really wants and make sure it gets it, so you're not speaking in front of a large audience one day and introduce yourself as Conifer Plainjello.

Pamper your brain.

)en said...

Rob, my brain is not against me. It has ever been my friend and ally. Even if it always knows... if i make myself feel better by using my brain to say nice things to it, that has to help us all, right? (I have no idea what i just said)

Yes, pampering. I feel my brain might be similar to my heart in this respect. Often i feel sorry for my heart because it never gets a break (and i don't want to give it one). Instead of feeling that way i should think that it is happier when it is busy.

Thus, to pamper my brain, I like to play chess and make anagrams. And memorize things instead of writing them down, using a mnemonic device which is oh-so effective.

p.s. conifer always reminded me of my name. Also juniper. what's up with all the trees.

Ashley said...

I guess Mom and Dad liked trees. I was disappointed when I found out that's where my name comes from, the Ash tree. Lame.

Here's a tip on thawing, to add some rational discussion to the comments. I don't know about your gas stove, but mine stays nice and warm on top all the time. I often soften butter between the burners or, when I get wild and crazy/extra domestic, I put my yeast concoction there to start working when I make things with yeast, which is like never. I also do it with frozen meat.

Anyway, maybe with this tip you CAN have birthdays sometime soon.

)en said...

Good tip. Yes, i use the always-warm stove too. Unfortunately i usually realize i want birthdays about 2 hours before i should make them and it's just not enough time. I think i just hate dealing with meat that isn't 100% thawed. I'll even go buy more meat when i have frozen meat in the freezer. I'm economical!

Kim said...

This reminds me of a meeting I was in last week when I asked if everyone had a copy of "the meatball" instead of "the memo".

What is up with beef words, anyway?