Monday, January 26, 2009

Less-celebrated holidays I like to celebrate

1. Half-birthdays. This is the exact 6-month mark from your birthday. Mine is October 27th. April and October are the best months in the year and no one can disagree. Don't even try.

2. Ash Wednesday. As far as I know, this is largely a Catholic holiday and I am not catholic. I don't wish to offend but a tradition began long before we wised up to the actual meaning of the day and we instead celebrated it by celebrating my sister Ash. She often sends out cards celebrating herself. I wish there was a Jen Day. (thinking more, this is probably super offensive. To any Catholic readers: I am sorry.)

3. Leap Day. As this happens once every four years, it absolutely is a day to be celebrated, don't you think? I consider this a "free day" and thus do whatever I want, consequences be damned. Just kidding i don't, but i should shouldn't I. Mostly I take a moment to think about, if you were born on this day, how old would you be technically.

4. St. Patrick's Day. Not many people I know do much to celebrate this day. Irishmen in NY is a completely different story and one day I shall visit a pub on the 17th of March and perhaps my favorite cathedral: St. Patrick's. One year, however, in college friends and I spent the entire day decorating the wall with a giant rainbow, pot of gold, and a creepy disproportionate leprechaun named Leonard standing guard. Andrea, if you're out there and still have him, could you send me a picture? I forgot what he looks like.

On 3/17 two years ago i was riding the train from way up the uptown and a flame-haired family of four boarded. Two parents, two kids and they all chatted amicably with each other. What strange language is this? i wondered, for t'is not uncommon to hear many different languages on a daily basis and I like to see if i can guess what it is. A minute later I finally caught something recognizable and realized they were speaking English with thick thick, super thick Irish brogues and I was delighted immensely. Best St. Patty's Day ever.

5. The Chinese New Year. Today is the Chinese New Year and it is the year of the ox. I celebrate it by wearing a red shirt and doing my laundry at the laundromat owned by a Chinese family who speaks very little English, and while I was sorting through my unmentionables, handed me a giant orange and a handful of classically gross Chinese candy. I love this. The candy may be gross but the holiday and gesture are not. I really wanted to go to Chinatown to celebrate this year but in the great battle of Jen vs. The Cold, i surrendered weeks ago.

Happy New Year everyone.


Ruthie said...

Ah Leonard. For years afterward we spent quality time with Leonard gazing over us on the wall in our bedroom. From what I remember we only had orange and green paper left -assisting in the creepiness. We definitely need some pictures..

Joel said...

In high school, my friends and I would celebrate Cheese Day (it's sometime the week after Christmas; I was never clear on how the date was determined) and Bill Nye the Science Guy weekend.

Pedersen Posse said...

We love Chinese New Year too. (see my blog) I'm considering celebrating Cinco de Mayo too. In Omaha that was always a huge celebration in Little Mexico (aka my neighborhood).

St. Patty's is a family favorite. My mom's side of the family is Irish and my grandma always makes a big deal about it. My senior year of high school she came into choir dressed up as a leprechaun and made me come down in front of everyone so she could paint a shamrock on my face. I was humiliated. I also was in NY for St. Patty's day and got to run away from several drunk men with my sister and my mom. They love green day and an excuse to drink.

Scoresbys said...

I second your thoughts on April and October. We celebrated Grace's half birthday at her school today. I brought mini brownies with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. That's right. I'm the cool mom. Wouldn't it be nice if something as simple as sprinkles could make me the cool mom even when they're in high school. I may wear mom jeans and make lame jokes, but hey do you want sprinkles on anything? Anyway, your holidays post made me think of Veterans' Day. A couple of years ago I was in Wendy's getting lunch for the girls and an OLD man in full uniform shuffled in with his wife and got in line behind me. Can you believe it didn't occur to me until we were leaving that I should have given him my spot in line?! Yes, sir, thanks for your sacrifice but you're not getting your value meal before me! I still think about that often and feel terrible about it. Sorry, for a post on holidays, this one is a downer.

Michelle said...

I like cinco de Marcho. That is always a favorite around the Proctor house.

)en said...

I love that too. i've never celebrated it but it always sounds super fun.

Mom jeans are a choice, Mary. Don't give in! Also: yes, you are a cool mom. And thanks for the downer story. j/k. It's true... i celebrate holidays that aren't that important and don't celebrate some important ones. I should definitely do more (or, something) for Veteran's Day. And the summer solstice.

Angie, was this in the same choir that i was in? Because i feel that i should remember something like that. That is awesome.

I'm so happy Leonard lived a bit longer to protect you guys. Also: every day should be cheese day.