Thursday, January 22, 2009


While waiting for an R train in the 14th street subway station, i was serenaded by a saxophone playing My Heart Will Go On from Titanic. If there's anything I know, I loooove the saxophone (false) and it should play nothing else than my favorite song, My Heart Will Go On (also false), from my favorite movie of all time, Titanic (this is actually true. just kidding--FALSE). It was the perfect storm. The guy playing Auld Lang Syne on the steel drums down the platform had nothing on this guy. I actually think the steel drums are quite lovely. And they make me want a pina colada.

p.s. This just in: holy crap, i spelled auld lang syne right on the first try!!! (i had to look it up) I am so happy. It was a complete shot in the dark since all 3 of those words = gibberish in my brain. I need to celebrate this somehow...

Anyway, in the same station, whilst waiting for the Q this time, the entertainment featured a guy playing the flute--wait for it--WHILE beat-boxing. That's right. Oh, and he was playing Peter & the Wolf. Talk about a triple threat.

Whoa whoa WHOA! wait a minute. I just found this on youtube and this guy looks an awwwful lot like the guy I saw. I don't know if it's him, but it's exactly what it was: (and can there be more than one person who can do this?)

p.s. i totally played the flute as well as this guy when i was in jr high. Just kidding, stop admitting that you played the flute Jen. Maybe if i could have beat boxed while playing, it would have been cool. I said maybe.

sidenote: Remember the Disney Peter & the Wolf? I loved that movie. That's where I first learned my instruments. I think, on some level of consciousness, I still picture a bird when I hear a flute and a cat when I hear the clarinet. And a.. what else was there? a something when i hear the bassoon. Parents, show this movie to your kids today and introduce to them the magical world of musical instruments.

Lastly and unrelatedly:

I learned that the awesome word "fiasco" is italian for "spectacular failure." Excellent. As awesome as fiasco is, I believe I should use "spectacular failure" at least 10 times a day.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Peter and the Wolf. I never saw the video but we had the LP-one side with the narrator and music, the other with just the music. I think the bassoon was the duck. That was my favorite. And even though I never saw the cartoon so I don't really know how this part fits in, I always imagined the duck dancing around inside the stomach of the wolf at the end during a parade after the wolf was caught... because they play the bassoon. What a happy visual for a child.

That flutest is awesome. I love the total tangent train that this post is on: two post scripts, a sidenote, a whoa note and an unrelated.

)en said...

Ha. Thanks for enjoying my weird tangents. I didn't even realize i had 2 p.s.'s. The duck is the bassoon! Nice. Who's the oboe? I must do some research.

Rob said...

Cool talent dude. BUT there HAS to be something more fulfilling and lucrative than beat boxing the flute. I suppose he may collect more than minimum wage/hour. Weird life.