Monday, January 05, 2009

i guess i like spam

Ok, i have another thought on gmail spam. I apparently have many. Thoughts, that is.

So, lately I have been getting spam emails, about 2 or so at a time, from the sender "Me." It appears as though i sent myself an email. Now wait a minute, did I? I might think. And perhaps open up the email. "If i sent it to myself, it must be important!"
However, the subject of these emails is often something like, "Come quick! I've had an accident!"

Now. If I had just had an accident and it's a true emergency, is it at all likely that I would:

a) be close to a computer, or in a state to be able to get up and run to a computer? (I guess i could use a phone with internet access but i happen to know that I don't own one) And if I am in such a state, what's the emergency?

b) choose to write an email as my way of getting help?

c) write an email to MYSELF? My injured self, who's bleeding in the streets? How am i going to help myself if I can't move and am slowly losing consciousness? And how come I don't already know that I need help, and need to therefore send myself an email?

I have decided: No. NOT likely. So, not so fast, gmail spam! I'm on to you and I'm not going to fall for your trickery.


)en said...

dear jen,

I think you're funny even if no one else does.

yours truly,


Joel said...

Maybe spammers need to start combining ideas. "The Nigerian Consul to the United Nations was just in an accident, and in order to pay for his medical care, we need your help..."