Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A dia"log"ue

To perhaps bring a smile to an otherwise dreary day (freezing rain here--yaaay....) here is an interchange of words Sean and I shared the other day (<-- how awkward was that). It totally busted me up. It's moments like these when Sean is really proud to call me his wife. Also, I'm sorry for the title (not really). I am what i am.

JEN: Ohh, i feel like crap on a stick.

SEAN: I think i prefer that to your usual phrase.

JEN: What, "poop on a stick"?

SEAN: Yes.

JEN: Why? Do you picture a big piece of poop on a stick?

SEAN: yes.

JEN: Well what do you picture with "crap on a stick"?

SEAN: Just something generally distasteful, not necessarily excrement.


Joel said...

It's funny how certain phrases repel us. My wife used to say "gag a maggot," which for some reason I found to be the most horrifying expression imaginable. Thankfully, she seems to have stopped saying it.

Andrew said...

Haha I'm not going to lie, that sounds like something Trevor would say.

Natalie R. said...

I have to admit, I agree with Sean on that one. Out of curiosity, why do you feel like you're on a stick at all??

)en said...

If you were a piece of poop, wouldn't you feel even MORE uncomfortable (in addition to the discomfort from being poo) if you were on a stick?

linsey said...

this post cemented our testimony of you.