Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Things I Eat

What do people eat? Sometimes we don't want people to know. Sometimes i'm really curious as to what people really eat. Sometimes I try not to judge people who eat disgusting things. I said try. In case you were curious, here's a list of things I eat on a pretty regular basis, or things i generally like to eat. What does it say about me?

Things I might have for breakfast:

Yogurt. Daily.

Cereal, somewhat often, if i don't have a yogurt. The cereal needs to be not sweet but not too boring. My favorites:
Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds
Post Selects--Great Grains--Crunchy Pecans
I find that cereals with nuts = excellent.

I must have something for breakfast though. It's very important to me & my diet and happiness.

A muffin. I just made a huge vat of bran muffin batter that supposedly lasts me 6 weeks. But at the rate i'm eating them, it'll be gone by the end of the week. They're sweet and branny and delicious. But i only do this about once a year.

Things i might eat for lunch:

peanut butter on a slice of bread--chilled or toasted. I eat this about 2-3 times a week but only when I'm on my peanut butter phase which occurs roughly every 2-3 years (truly). Right now I am in the middle of a phase. The last phase was about 2 years ago. The one before that, i distinctly remember, was the summer of '03. Each phase can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or even two, i'd say.

Cheese and fruit. Almost daily. I eat them together. The fruit is a pear or an apple. I cannot emphasize these enough, and actually they should be number 1 or 2. cheese is definitely a daily need and I would literally collapse and die if I didn't get enough fruit. Maybe it's the winter season and i'm feeling scurvy'ish? I don't know, but i can't get enough fruit these days. It's hard to find decent fruit this time of year so I visit my favorite gourmet grocer which happens to be Garden of Eden. Cheese & apples is a combo i will NEVER tire of. Ever.


Anything under the lunch category. In fact, i don't really eat lunch. I just snack all day long. I find that if i eat anything too heavy for lunch, I kind of feel like poop (...on a stick).

Of course, there's Pirate's Booty. Maybe 2-3 times a week.

Something I LOVE lately is chocolate popcorn. Pop some Act II Light Butter popcorn. Melt some ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips in a bowl over a pan of boiling water (double boiler?), drizzle over the popcorn, and put it in the fridge to harden. Mmm. The chocolate and salty/buttery combo is so very nice. I tried to come up with a better name for this new favorite. I suggested choc-corn but Sean vetoed that saying it sounded like chalk-corn--gross. Then I said, "poplate? chocpop?" I think "chocporn" came out too, accidentally... He finally said choco-corn was acceptable.

Things I might eat for dinner:

Pancakes. I never get tired of pancakes. Sean lets me make them about 2 times a week, if I'm lucky. But i'm always in the mood for them. I love bready breakfast foods.

My favorite pancake toppings: applesauce and jam. I used to love some real, fancy-grade maple syrup but I'm kind of out of love for the time being. And, of course, some chocolate chips tossed in for some dessert pancakes.

Eggs in some form. I like a fried egg on plain toast. Make it a little wet and it'll ooze deliciously onto the bread. I also like scrambled eggs.

(Also, pancakes and eggs are common Saturday breakfast foods, but not weekday breakfast foods.)

I love a good meatloaf. In the cold months I make this I would say about 6-8 times total.

Tomato soup and grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches. Man alive, this is good stuff. In the midst of a mega-tomato soup phase these days.

Pasta, in some form. Perhaps with an olive oil base or an alfredo sauce. I'm rarely a red sauce kind of gal. Only with spaghetti, which i eat approximately 1-2 times a year.

I love salad. When i make a salad, which might be 3 times a week, it's usually mesclun or some kind of greens with pears, blue cheese, and Breanna's strawberry vinaigrette. Every. time. Why eat another salad when this one is the best on Earth? Sometimes i'll toss in some pecans or walnuts. But a salad without cheese is bantha fodder.

Tacos. Delicious. Also, fajitas.

Jello. I love jello! Rarely eaten on a day other than Sunday. Usually i pour it in individual glasses and put some frozen berries to fill about 1/3 of the glass.

I love all kinds of dessert:

Ice cream. Maybe 2 times a week.
Brownies. Not so much these days as days past. I'd say once every 3 weeks or so?
Cookies. I like them but rarely make them. Maybe once every few months.
Popsicles, when it's warm outside.
I love pie but only eat it around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always need some pumpkin pie then.
Cake, of course. Chocolate. Dense. I never eat cake, but i love it. In fact, we have a birthday coming up...


Usually water. Occaaasionally milk. Sometimes juice on a Saturday. We are super boring hosts when people come visit. "Would you like water? or water. We have filtered and tap!"

But i love me a good smoothie from time to time and try to keep frozen fruit and other ingredients on hand.

Good gosh, that was long. THE END!


Pedersen Posse said...

Thanks. Now I'm hungry. I want to try your chocolate popcorn. mmmm...

MelBroek said...

Have you ever tried white chocolate or white almond bark on the popcorn? My favorite is just to pop it dry (like, in a real popcorn popper, not one of the bags) and then drizzle white chocolate on it and mix in bits of mashed up candy canes. I might call it Pepp-choco-corn. But maybe not.

Either way it is delicious.

Lianna said...

My husband suggested "pop choco".
Are you a vegetarian? Oh wait, there was tuna.
I was surprised you didn't say E-I-T-M-O-T.
I am also a boring beverage person, all I drink is water and milk. I can't believe when people tell me they don't drink water. They're not human. I enjoyed your list.

)en said...

No ma'am, sure am not a vegetarian. :)

Hmm Melissa.. that sounds kind of good except white chocolate gives me insta-cavities. It doesn't have much of a flavor to me other than sweet. I do like the name Pepp-choco-corn though.

I do love the EITMOT. (egg in the middle of toast) I haven't made it in a cougar's age though, for unknown reasons.

Brooke said...

I'll go ahead and print this out for reference for the next time you stay at my place. :)

Annie said...

Why do I find this so fascinating? I'm currently in a peanut butter phase myself, it began in utero, that is, when my mom was in utero, and has lasted until... I suppose I will never outgrow it. I still love ants on a log, peanut butter on bananas, and on apples. But the staple will always be toast with peanut butter and honey. Oh, and word up on the cheese a day!

)en said...

brooke--excellent idea! :)

for some reason i have to do PB in phases. It's a delicious food but i think i can get PB overload. But sometimes it just hits the spot like nothing else can. Probably because i'm protein deficient or something. this comment is boring.