Monday, December 29, 2008

sounds that can kiss it

I guess I'm a gal who's sensitive to sounds. Sometimes I just cannot handle a thing, and it begins to grate on me and I want to rip out my hair and the hair of the person making the sound, and your hair too, just for good measure. Sorry.

A list.

1. the jackhammer. This one is typical. No one likes this.

2. Dentist's drill. Again, normal. It is evil.

3. any electrical saw. This is especially annoying when it goes on feet away from my door, and also the floor above my apartment for months and months. And months.

4. any blending going on with the blender, for an extended period of time.

5. The vacuum. It hits all of my annoying nerves at the same time.

6. Screechy breaks of the subway train. Have that go on long enough and I'M the Crazy Lady you rode on the train with that day.

Sean and i were talking about why these things annoy me, because when I'm the one doing the vacuuming (or sawing or jackhammering) it doesn't bug me. We decided it has more to do with the unpredictability of it. The lack of rhythm that i can't control. It is extremely dissonant and unpleasant and, I think, reflects that harmony and steadiness in all kinds of things in the world make for a happy life.


Lianna said...

Your comment about there being a lack of rhythm that you can't control made me think of a noise I can't stand... snoring! I cannot fall asleep if someone is snoring so I make it a point to fall asleep before my hubby. I don't understand how it doesn't wake him up

Joel said...

I agree with you on the vacuum, and we just got one that's extra super loud.
I also hate our paper shredder. My wife is a compulsive shredder, and I always hope that I'm not home when she's using it. I guess I need to try to find her a quiet one.

Rob said...

If you have a cavity, and you go to the dentist, there is going to be drill sound. That's predictable ergo, you should love it.

Sounds I hate, scraping ice off the windshield, people smacking their food, and mouth breathers. If you do the last two around me long enough, be prepared to meet Mr. Knuckles.

)en said...

ha ha! Yeah, and what about whistle breathers. That's pretty bad.

Pedersen Posse said...

Good list. I know it's stereotypical, but I really can't stand nails on chalkboards. Also, someone chewing ice or chips, and chewing gum with the mouth opened. Argh! I cringe just thinking of it.