Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sounds i wish i could kiss

On the contrary, there are many sounds that are very pleasing to my ears.

1. City buses, in general. The breaks of the sightseeing buses make the most delightful soft, drawn-out squeak. I call them urban whales. I also love the sounds other buses make. I don't know why. They sound like UFOs or something.

2. I was doing dishes one day, long ago, and started washing a muffin tin. The sound of the water hitting the individual pockets startled and delighted me, each making a different tone according to the angle at which i was holding the pan and how much water was already in the pockets. I tried to make a song but then realized i'd rather just be done with washing dishes.

3. When i yell or cough near the piano and it echoes back to me.

4. The hiss of the radiator. i love it. it calms me.

5. the following instruments: cello, violin, french horn, oboe, even the bassoon, and the harp are all nice. And I don't mind a good marimba.


Pedersen Posse said...

I always thought water fountains were silly. However, I walked by my neighbor's in Las Vegas almost everyday. I grew to love it. I love the sound of trickling water, weather that's a river or a fountain or rainfall.

I also love nature sounds... bird calls, whale calls, crickets, coyotes howling...

baby laughs... awesome!

Joel said...

Do you spend a lot of time yelling near your piano?

)en said...

I guess I do.

Ange--nice sounds. baby laughs = ear candy for sure.