Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

I feel that I am kind of like Oprah. No, I feel that we are EXACTLY alike. I feel like she really "gets" me, you know? And she's a real woman of the people. She's totally relatable and she has this strange ability to make me want to just divulge all of my feelings and secrets to her. Basically, I try to be like her in every way I can*.

* not my true feelings.

If you're searching for gifts to give someone this season, look no further. Here is a list of my favorite things, particularly of late:

Behold, the Pirate's Booty. I am certain that when I first partook of this ambrosia, you would have seen a flame ignite in the core of my widened eyes. I ate the rest of the bag and have not been the same since. I love all white cheddared foods. And I am 100% addicted to the Booty. Here are some testimonials on the front of the bag:

"Thar be good."
"Shiver me timbers!"
"Puffed rice and corn!"
"NATURAL. Good for you!"

Read that? GOOD for me. And good for me, because i literally cannot stop eating them once i open a bag. I can EASILY eat a whole bag in one sitting. I find that laying the bag on my belly serves me well, for as i slouch & shovel fistful after fistful of this stuff into my mouth, if one of the puffs happens to escape my grasp, it will fall back into the bag and i'll not waste any precious Booty. Buy some today and think of me.

Like many, I am constantly on a quest for a good deodorant. It is imperative that i find something that not only works well, but that smells pleasant too. Just like shampoo. If I buy something that smells like nast, i'll be gagging and repulsed by my own stench all day long. Enter Secret Flawless. I thought the scent was nice and it seemed to work well. Then one day i was like, "wow, I smell yummy. What is that? it's like perfume! I must have hugged someone today," for a) I do not wear perfume and b) this was unrecognizable as it didn't smell much like my stick of deodorant. Then, after sniffing myself, I realized it WAS the deodorant. What? deodorant that changes its scent when you put it on and makes you smell like deliciousness? Why, this must be magical deodorant! And that's what i call it. i've found some nice-smelling deodorants in my life, sure. But nothing such as this. Only the other day did i read on the back, "continually renewing fragrances." What?? who's the brilliant mad scientist who discovered this concoction?? Seriously buy some today. I love it like no one should ever love their deodorant.

Lately I am rediscovering ebay. I used it once or twice a few years ago but gave it another go a few weeks ago when i was in desperate search for something specific. I LOVE IT! You can find wonder of wonders, and for super cheap. And i love the rating system and how it makes everyone be on their best/most honest shopper/buyer behavior. Give someone (and yourself) the gift of ebay this Christmas by buying their gifts on ebay.

Normally I think Hershey's kisses taste like poop but I bought these recently and HELLO! I was shocked. They are going high-class. These mint truffle kisses are fantastic. The chocolate is a bit darker (+ 1) and there is a creamy minty center (+5). Enjoy them this Christmastime. You won't regret it, and your bag(s) of mint M&M's that you buy every Christmas might finally have some competition.

I've mentioned these already but I have to give a shout-out to the convertible mitten gloves that i like to call "glittens." They are perfect for people who like to keep their fingers warm but may need to quickly expose them for greater dexterity. My glittens are long and blue but these are pretty great. I need some short ones so there's no conflict with my sweater & coat sleeves. I love these so much. I wore them everywhere when i first purchased them and had to wash them within a week. As i recall, i wore them at the food market and got slime on them. drats.

I absolutely cherish these Blowfish boots. Mine are actually mid-calf length and more greenish brownish. But the inside is bright purple suede. How can that not make you happy, i ask. I also am coveting these a bit:

The description of these is Blowfish flannel hobbit boots. WHAT? Hobbit boots? No wonder I love them.


Once upon a time about 4 weeks ago I ordered breakfast at a little French bistro and along with my pain au chocolat and french toast, I ordered a hot chocolate, for the temps were well below comfortable outside. What the waitress brought to me will forever change my life. It was this: Unsweetened hot chocolate. I had to sweeten it myself!! Do you know what this means?!? I am so sensitive to super sweet things these days and I feel that many potentially good things are ruined by too much sugar and I have to decide if i want to throw the thing away or continue eating, feeling sicker by the bite. This cup of pure, unadulterated hot chocolate gave me the power and controls to sweeten it as i like. I think it took 3, maybe 4 packets of sugar to get it juuust sweet enough. This is one of those pivotal moments where this new thing, this new discovery, will forever ruin all previous similar items for the rest of my life. weeks later I tried Stephen's hot cocoa and about barfed, but this may be because it's been sitting on my shelf for 2 years. Also: I like the look of this kind in the picture because the brand is Dagoba which, as i realized just now, is really close to Yoda's home planet, the Dagobah System. When i saw it on google images, i was strangely drawn to it, and now i know why.

And these are a few of my favorite things.


Anonymous said...

Really? Valid competition for Mint M&Ms? FYI, I have already purchased three bags of mint M&Ms this year. I'm stock piling for when the stores run out (because they always do before Christmas).

MelBroek said...

Only you would recognize the association with Dagobah. (and me, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it!) Oh boy.

)en said...

I think i have 2 bags of the M&Ms. They are bliss, but these mint kisses are AWESOME and, dare I be so bold to say, better.

sarah said...

those look like fabulous favorite things? those glittens look super warm and comfortable...unlike those socks that have an individual spot for each toe...i don't like those.

Joel said...

The Booty and Kisses seem like they'd be awesome (and what a strange clause that was), but I'm afraid I have to disagree with your taste in the boots and gloves. I've had gloves like that before, and they were never warm or comfortable, and they were useless if they got wet. And the boots look all wrinkly and disheveled by design, which I cannot condone. Although I do like that the short boots look vaguely like spats.

)en said...

What!! I object. The boots ROCK. Wrinkly and disheveled is totally in right now. You're right about the glittens. They're not the best for keeping your hands super warm. They are very useful to me as i am out and about though.

)en said...

p.s. ah yes, sarah. the toe socks. They have their place but they can get annoying, it's true.

Brooke said...

Hmm, I may need to try those kisses. I heart the cherry ones, but mint also happens to be my favorite. So, I will take your recommendation and see where it gets me.

Rob said...

My only comment is about the Glittens. Whenever you combine two words like this one word always gets jipped. Gloves only gets 2 letters and mittens get the rest?!? And at the price of a cuter sounding word! SHAME!

Glottens or Glovtens would be much more equal. Gloves everywhere are offended by this outrage.

)en said...

No way, gloves should feel honored because their "gl" gets put at the beginning of the word. I feel that more than makes up for it. Besides, glottons either sounds like gluttons or glah-tons which makes no sense, and glovtens is too obscure.

Rob said...

your face is obscure.

)en said...

hahaa. good one.