Friday, December 05, 2008

Things I love about being sick

1. Not being able to breathe out of my nose at night. There's nothing more pleasant or comforting than waking up to a sandpaper-dry mouth & nice dry cracked lips with goo caked on. Ahhhh. If only this could happen every day.

2. To finally have a reason to wear tissues stuffed up my nose. They make me feel really pretty. The tissues also act as a sneeze/cough guard.

3. The nice woozy druggyness of cold medicine. I love having my brain constantly clouded over and losing the ability to complete a simple thought. And walking around with an expression of stupor on my face really conveys to people what I'd want them to think about me.

4. Constantly fetching toilet paper. Yet another reason to make a trip to the bathroom, which I am always trying to find an excuse to do. I just love hanging out there. Too bad I don't have the stomach flu because hovering over the toilet is just the ultimate. But sadly, it's just a cold.

5. Having a deep throaty baritone voice. I always wanted to sing the bass line of every song. Now I can!

and now i'm finished being whiny mcwhinerson. :)

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