Monday, November 03, 2008

a request

I have a request. I would like to have you give me a topic you'd like to hear my thoughts on. By zero means does this come from me having a lack of blog content. You'd be amased at how many drafts I have. What the, amased? Am I british? Anyway, I am just curious about what you are curious about. So think of something good, something weird. And it could be something you'd like to know about me. Maybe we could have a Jen Q&A. But either way, have it be something interesting. Something you have interest in. Something where you've thought to yourself many, many times, "I wonder what Jen thinks about that?" Because I may just have an opinion. And it may just blow your mind. GO!


Lindsey said...

Okay Jen. So we haven't avidly followed your blog since April of 2005, so I don't know what has already been addressed on here.

Ryan would like to know your feelings about pets. I have strong opinions, which may or may not match Sean's, and we are curious about what yours are.

I would like to know your feelings about ice cream. Sean has always been so opinionated about his selection of ice cream, as is Ryan, so I am curious about your favorite and how you choose.

Our ideas: Pets and ice cream...

Ashley said... goes. After much deliberation, I'd like to know your opinion on:

1. earwigs
2. pickles
3. musicals

That should give you enough material to last you through...Thursday...

(P.S. They may sound completely random and like I just typed the first weird-ish things that came to my mind, which I did. But now that I did, I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say about them.)

MelBroek said...

I was thinking -

1. Music - you never really talk about what kind of music you like... I'm especially curious as to what you think about classic rock (specifically early 60's to mid 80's).

2. Michael Jackson - you may think this is very closely related to the first, but actually, he is so much more than just his music. (<-- talk about a loaded question)

3. Movies - do you even WATCH movies (besides Star Wars)?

4. Celebrities - WHAT the!? Talk about disproportional salaries...

5. Personality Tests/Categorizers - have you ever taken the color test that maps out your personality on the color spectrum? Do you agree with how they categorize you?

6. Best Deli's in New York - my favorite? Pax's. Have you ever been there?!

7. Language - if you could choose another language to be fluent in, what would you choose?

I have to stop now because my OCD requires me to stop on a prime number, and I just KNOW I can't come up with FOUR MORE to make it to 11!

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sarah said...

hey jen, i just copied and pasted this from a friend's blog...i thought it was a good idea for a can just leave her answers or create your own (ha ha)

I am: a normal person
I think: everyone deserves a break
Everything in life: has a purpose
I want: to be a good person
I have: a very entertaining husband
I dislike: squash
I miss: the gym
I fear: spiders
I feel: tired – but good
I hear: a lawn mower outside… definitely not ours and kids on the trampoline
I smell: a not so sweet aroma from someone’s last trip to the bathroom
I crave: really sugary stuff
I cry: when I need to
I search: for easy dinner recipes
I wonder: what my boys will be like when they are grown
I regret: getting angry
I wish: I could afford a weekly massage
I love: Shayne
I care: for my neighbors
I always: call my sister and mom regularly
I am not: a super mom
I remember: to brush my teeth every night
I believe: that families are forever
I sing: primary songs to Danny and he loves them
I don't always: remember birthdays
I argue: about guns with Greg M.
I write: mental notes CONSTANTLY
I win: very rarely when I play the Wii with Shayne
I lose: without complaining (I think!)
I listen: to my friends
I don't understand: how cell phones work
I can usually be found: with my kids
I am happy: when my kids are happy