Tuesday, October 07, 2008

another jeopardy thought

Typing the title of this post made me sad. Because i'm sad. Because i'm such a dork.

But anyway, here's another thing about Jeopardy. What is up with the little "get to know you" segment after the first commercial break? It is dumb. It breaks up the exciting momentum the beginning of the show always brings, and I don't get it--before the show starts, do they tell the contestants, "What's the most boring thing that's ever happened to you? Great, be prepared to talk about that during the 'get to know you' segment." I mean, really. I'm not asking you to tell us about the time you threw yourself in front of a train to save a monkey, but this guy just shared a story that went like this (pretty much word for word):

Guy: Yes, when i was young--I don't know if i was 8 or 9--I was punished and sent to my room and I decided I'd climb out the window.

Alex: why?

Guy: to escape. So that was the extent of my plans and as I'm outside, hanging from the ledge on the 2nd story, my neighbor saw me and got me down and I came around the back into the house and gave my mom a pretty good scare.

That's it.

Listening to that story made me lose the will for so many things. I just sat there, listless, staring. It was like a dementor and I felt like I'd never feel cheerful again.


)en said...

hahahahaaa, i love this post so much. utterly ridiculous. that last line... shoot. I was laughing when Sean got home and I made him read it this post. When he finished reading, shaking his head in shame from being married to such a thing, he said:

"It's like an old lady and two 14-year-old boys conspired to write that."

Joel said...

Well, if you average the age of the old lady and two boys, you probably come out about right.

My wife also complains about this part of game shows. We don't care about the person's life story, we want to see them win or lose (yes, we often find ourselves rooting against people when they're annoying). So get on with it already!

Rob said...

I think they ask the contestants to write down something crazy, out of the ordinary that they could talk about. So what's really sad is the real lack of excitement and achievement in some people's lives.

And now that I sit here contemplating what that is in my life...hmmmm...

I once stuck my finger in someone's cancerous lesion in their mouth.

Yeah, now THAT'S out of the ordinary.

P.S Kudos to you and Sean's wittyness. I'm glad you have each other.

Natalie R. said...

Is it terrible that Cameron and I just laughed at your depression? I loved the line about the dementor, that just made my day. :0)