Monday, October 06, 2008

Games I Love

As mentioned, I am a gamer. I don't love all games, but I do love many games. Here is a list of games I love:

1. Pictionary. A timeless classic, if played right (as in, i have my own way of playing that makes it more fun. All teams draw the same word at the same time so it's a race.) Interestingly, Sean is a funny pictionary player. You'd think being an artist would make him awesome. Weeeell... he is awesome. Except he's so awesome I sometimes i can't tell what the hey he's drawing because it's awesomely abstract. He also takes a really awesome long time because he cares too much about the drawing and it's all about speed, speed speed! Regardless, we are pretty compatible pictionary partners.

2. Catch Phrase. This is a simple game where you try to get your team to guess a word. Throw in an accelerating beeper with a time limit and you've got yourself some action, suspense, and guaranteed laughs. It's fun to see who you "click" with. Some people are just on the same brain wave as you and I like to discover those people. And be on their team. And win the game.

3. Rummikub. Rummikub is a great game. You need your brain for this, which I enjoy, except when I leave it in notebooks.

4. Sweedish Speed. Sweedish Speed is a game some college friends made up in college. It is the best game ever. What it does is combine double speed or "California Speed" with having to answer trivia questions geared toward kids in grades K-3, at the same time. HILARIOUS. I swear i have never laughed so hard in my life, and I have laughed pretty darn hard in my time.

5. Chess. Of course this is on the list as it is the best game in the history of time. It is genius genius genius. And I have a deep love for it. I could talk about it for hours & hours and days & days, let alone play it for that long. I am a cool person. I am a cool person. I am a cool person.

6. Twister. Just kidding, twister is lame. Or is it? Wait a minute. Let me rethink that one.

7. I love Trouble. Trouble is a wonderful game. it is best played with 2 people playing 2 parts (instead of 4 people, each with one part). It's kind of like Sorry but so much more fun, somehow. You go around a board and trying to get your pieces "home." If your piece lands exactly on the space where an opponent's piece is, you stomp on him and send him back to the start. So, if you get stomped on, you're in trouble. One time I used one red piece again and again and he stomped on so many pieces and sent them all packing. I'd stomp him extra hard and yell "DEAD!" each time. I named him Killer, and wrote a small K on his side. That... was a good day.

8. Cranium's pretty fun, especially the Turbo Edition. Buy it today, if you haven't.

9. I like Yahtzee. It makes you all superstitious and weird, and you feel like a gambler. ...all of which i like, i guess.

10. Scrabble? I question that one because I used to not like it at all. Scrabble's fun if you're doing something else, like watching tv. It can get preeetty long. But i used to play it online and got pretty good. It's fun to do it fast too, to have a time limit. Again, races = more fun.

And there is a list of games I love.


Lindsey said...

Excellent picks. I agree completely!

Joel said...

Mad Gab is great, possibly because I'm the best player ever. Isn't it easier to enjoy a game you're good at?

)en said...

Yeah. I always like to play the 80's trivia game with my sister who's several years older than me and was more aware during the 80's. I always lose yet I still like to play. Maybe because it would now be the greatest triumph to win.

Mad Gab is pretty fun. It goes under the category of "games i like to play but not by the actual rules, more like just sitting around and reading off the cards."

Joel said...

You mean there's more to the game than that?

)en said...

haha. yeah, i don't really know for sure.

MelBroek said...

I believe the official rules involve a timer (limiting) and teams (discriminatory). In short, rules = lame.

ingredientchallenge said...

The Morellos have probably been the best gaming couple we have gamed with. Another fantastic thing - is that they own all of the games you could possibly dream of.

Brooke said...

Catch Phrase=guaranteed good time.

Pedersen Posse said...

I would add a couple more games to my list and one ammendment...
1. Super Scrabble, while longer to play than the original, is much more satisfying because you make bigger words and rarely does a game go by without someone using all their letters at least once. (that's my ammendment)
2. Balderdash- I know you don't like this game from a previous post, but the new editions have expanded the play from just definitions. Now you get to make up laws, movie taglines, famous people, and initials. I love bluffing.
3. Lord of the Rings Risk- Time consuming but has an end, unlike regular Risk, and it's always fun to gang up on each other.
4. Phase 10- great camping, travel game. It's easy to play and have a great conversation at the same time.
5. Target, another fun card game.
6. Loaded Questions- awesome game to play with friends. You learn so much about one another and you are guaranteed laughs.

)en said...

Angie--that is great! Thanks for the list. Everyone should give me lists of their favorite games. Your description of the new Balderdash intrigues me even. Maybe i'll give it another go.

Also: LOTR Risk?? Yes, please. I've never played it but it sounds right up my alley.

Phase 10 is fun, though i can only play with one other person, otherwise it feels like Phase Infinity. I've heard Loaded Questions is really fun. Hmm....

Joel said...

I actually own LOTR Risk, but I've never played it. I somehow always seem too tired to give it a try, even though I really like regular Risk.

Pedersen Posse said...

I was very skeptical of LOTR risk at first. There are two versions, one is shorter than the other. Both are fun, but you need at least 3 people, preferably 4. I highly recommend trying it.

FYI- It's the game of choice when I'm home visiting family in Utah and my dad is going to bed (if Dad's awake we play scrabble). I play with Tyler, my Mom, and brother Ben. We always have to get in at least one game of LOTR Risk.