Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm always me

Because Sean is now exempt from playing chess with me, (what, me winning every time, analyzing & criticizing his moves and explaining to him why he lost isn't fun??) this means I don't have anyone to play with. So sometimes I like to take out the set and have a good ol' auto-chess match. Jen vs. Jen. A serious battle of wits. Last night I did so and a dialogue went something like this:

Sean: "Who are you rooting for?"

Jen, shaking head, discouraged: "Well, me, but I always lose."

Sean: "That's the strangest answer you could have possibly given."

a few minutes later...

Jen: "Ha! Other Jen made a mistake. I got her queen."

Sean: "So do you cheer one second and be angry the next? Like if you make a good move you are happy but then you are mad as Other Jen?"

Jen: "What? No, I'm always me."

Sean: "Well who's Other Jen?"

Jen: "I dunno. Some girl..."


Joel said...

Pretty soon Sean will start insisting that you go outside to play chess. Someone will overhear you talking to yourself, you'll be committed to a mental hospital through a series of wacky misunderstandings, hilarity will ensue, and you'll be able to sell the story rights for a TV movie.

MelBroek said...

A) the new layout is freaking me out, but I like it (except for the fact that I'm no longer your friend, apparently.)

B) bwah hahaa. I would love to film one of those chess games. Maybe you could commission Trevor to do it.

)en said...

you aren't kidding about making me play outside.

The interesting thing is that I can totally separate myself when I play against myself. I consider my side to be white and I play the other side honestly. And strangely, black almost always wins. What does this mean? I don't know. It hurts my brain.

The new layout is temporary until we make some changes to make it unique. The blog needs a new look, don't you think? Any suggestions? And sorry Melissa, it looks like you have been replaced by Google News and the Edit-Me twins, my new BFFs. (<-- so lame, pretend i didn't just say that.)

Natalie R. said...

Hey, we totally need to play chess sometime!!! I'm always looking for a new chess partner.