Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sean and I would like to purchase some scooters. We have bikes, which are fun, but it's hard to transition when we want to get off them for a while to, say, hang out at an outdoor fair and peruse the wares. Or stop at a movie and there's not a bike rack nearby. Or what-have-you. We have roller blades which are fun but neither of us can control them very well and we don't know how to stop. This has proven hazardous many times. Therefore, scooters would be fun, no?

The question is, WHICH scooter? i thought i had a general idea of what i wanted but then I saw what was out there.

First, i was thinking of these classic scooters:


But then I saw THESE:


Interesting. It's either a totally cool and funky scooter or just a weird scooter for people who never learned how to ride a bike. Or, judging by its name which is the Sidewalker, it might be good because people will curse at you if you ride your bike on the sidewalk and i'm scared a little bit of city-biking in the street. I just like to tootle along. So if these are allowed on sidewalks, bonus. The only thing missing from this one might be a seat. If I'm going to push along those big wheels, i think i might like to sit down for a second sometimes. Although if i did that, i'd be tempted to just scoot with both legs, while sitting, which would make this an adult-sized version of these:

and that would be uber-lame.

But THEN i found THIS crazy contraption that I think i must have:

It's a scooter AND a bike? say what?? Doesn't it look cool? Except i'm not sure how the pedals work. Do I pedal only using my knees? Because it looks the circumference you'd make isn't very big. So then I might feel like an adult trying to ride a kid's tricycle or something (as opposed to an adult's tricycle?). Anyway, decisions decisions. Which one should i get??


Joel said...

I'd advise you to follow your heart, but in this case I think you should follow the soles of your feet and the seat of your pants. Go for the scooter/bike combo!

Our Blog said...

What the devil!
Definitely get a scooter. I prefer #2, but you would look hot on the scooter/bike combo!

KamilahNYC said...

Love the last one. I might need to get one and be twins. On another note, I did not know you had a bike. I just got one and think you would be fun to ride with. so, let me know if you ever wanna go for a leisurly ride about town. Dereck likes it too. Perhaps the 4 of us could ride and then do a picnic under the Brooklyn Bridge in that park over there? so fun.