Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello, Darkness, my old friend... CHIRP! TWEET TWEET CHIRRUP!!!!

Nighttime is a quiet time, wouldn't you say? Well you could say it but you would be wrong, dead wrong. What is it with the freakish birds around here? I've said it before and I'll say it again, one second later, they are freakish. And more specifically, that crazy Mockingbird. We've all heard of the Mockingbird. it's a pretty common bird as far as I understand and we've all read about how horrible it would be to kill one. I once said I envied the Mockingbird but now I don't know. They are INSANE. They chirp incessantly, mocking a different bird's call one right after the other with ne'ery a pause. They are spastic and I fear they will have a seizure at any moment. It's like they have OCD and have to chirp the exact order of foreign-bird chirps 790 times every day.

Well, this freakish bird couldn't stop the other night. Birds should stop singing at night, right? I mean, i don't know the official rule on this nor do I know what birds really do with all of their time, especially when the sun goes down, but it seems to me that come the twilight, the birds pipe down and the crickets and frogs take their turn. Not so with the Mockingbird. It was well past midnight and he was going strong. I lay in bed and it was kind of unnerving. My brain wasn't sure if it was really early in the evening or dawn already or if it was the apocalypse and the sun had been turned to ash and it was actually 2pm. It was messing up my circadian rhythms and making me crazy.

And that's just another attempt of the Mockingbird trying to get the best of me.

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Joel said...

Well, New York isn't exactly the darkest place in the world at night. Maybe the poor bird was from out of town and just got confused. It probably took you a while to get used to life there too.