Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blind for a Day Part III: Late Morning

Here’s a tip. If blind, reach your arms out at all times when walking around. Put one on top of the other, one to protect your head and one to protect your mid section. Your feet and toes are SOL. I’ve learned that if you reach out too low, you can still smack right into things with your face.

More later.

Ok, I had to cheat again. I just typed a paragraph in an IM box. Ha ha. Sean’s all, what the crap. (No, I’m not IM’ing.. it was just up from yesterday. That would be truly amazing.)

I think it's funny that while the whole purpose of this experiment is to give my eyes a break from the computer, that i'm still spending so much time here. I just can't stay away. I am, however, exhausted from getting ready. And still hungry. Dare i venture some toast? And then maybe i'll play the piano.

Ok. I put an enormous amount of butter on my toast. BLechh. Blind people must either be really overweight because they unknowingly put too much fatty product into their meals or they’re super thin because they’ve lost the will/energy/courage to make anything more complicated than an apple. That’s about how I’m feeling right now. I think I’m failing as a blind person but there are still several more hours to go.

Also, I hate having to manhandle my food so much. I first slathered a nice dab of butter on my finger. Bah.

For breakfast, senses most relied upon: taste, touch, sound. I could sort of feel when something dropped but I could definitely hear the splatter. Also, it’s surprisingly difficult to eat a yogurt blind. I really wish I had video of all of this. What time is it??

About my clothes: I think my socks are my flame socks. Am I right?

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)en said...

I'm kind of thinking these posts are a tad boring. But oh well. I will say, however, that those socks are the <-- yes, that's right. You love it. Don't fight it.