Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blind for a Day Part II: Midmorning

Whew! I’m finally done. Showering was by far the easiest thing to do blind. I guess it’s because my eyes are already closed a majority of the time. I did forget to set aside bottles so that’s questionable. I think I did ok. I think I grabbed an old bottle of facewash because I could swear this kind had little exfoliating beads in it but I couldn’t feel anything. It made me nervous. This is a lesson to throw out old stale beauty products.

Makeup was an ORDEAL. I'm going to go into detail which is probably so boring but it has made up a better part of my morning so you're going to hear about it. So I first put on this light foundation, see. And that was fine. I couldn’t tell how much I was putting onto the makeup pad but I could feel it on my face. But then I use this brush-on powder and I couldn’t feel that at ALL. It’s loose powder too so I just have to tap it and hope there’s some in there and that it gets on the brush. Then there’s blush. The really hard part was when I came to the final stage of make up which is the lip liner. In my make up bag I have several kinds but I only like one. Also, i have several lip liner pencils and EYE liner pencils that feel very similar. I failed to make note beforehand of which was where. And, one fell to the ground while I was rummaging in it and couldn’t find it at all.

Umm.. someone is ringing the doorbell. How do I explain this? I don’t think I’m expecting any packages. Sorry, whoever you are. They rang the bell repeatedly though so I’m pretty sure it’s a delivery man. They are an impatient bunch. Maybe it was for someone upstairs?

Anyway, so I have a light brown which I like, then a totally dark red/FUSCHIA that is like clown lip liner. When I use it I have to eeevery so lightly touch it to my lips, else I look like I kissed a… something bright pink. And then, horrified I remembered I also have an eye liner pencil in there that’s BLUE. Lesson learned: don’t buy blue eyeliner. So, I took some pictures and we’ll hope for the best. Oh, hair drying wasn’t too bad… I was more unaware than I thought I’d be but I don’t spend much time drying it anyway so we’ll see. Sense most relied on: touch and smell, for make up and deodorant. I have a good kind i like better. Thanks, olfactory system. I think I chose the right kind.

[Ok, here's a picture. I guess i chose the fuscia lip liner. This pic looks alright, maybe a bit too much make up. So it's not that funny/interesting. However, i look really weird still, for some reason, no? Maybe because my eyes are closed? But particularly in the mouth. I don't know, it's creeping me out. I almost look dead or something. yeesh.]

I am glad to put back on my blindfold. It’s really easy to cheat which I admit I did a couple of times. … when I sit at the computer, actually. I want to make sure this is all getting typed out and that I’m not actually typing w while facing the screen with only the desktop showing or something.I am starving. I have purchased some yogurts. I wonder what flavor I will get? Surprises around every corner!

UGH. I forgot I had bought a Yoplait WHIPS yogurt. Sooo gross when you’re not expecting it. And to be honest, soooo gross anyway. And totally not filling. Also, when blind, eat messy things like that over the sink at all times because I dropped a blob on the floor, had to kneel down and feel for the mess, then get a paper towel and wipe around and hope I got it all. BUT, at one point I did feel a drop falling when I put it in my mouth, maybe that was hanging off the spoon and I caught it mid air with my spoon. high five! Catlike reflexes, even blind.


Lianna said...

So, you seem to be doing pretty well as a blind person. I think I would be good at it in my home, but outside would be scary. I like how you caught the yogurt falling from your mouth, good one. Too bad you had to peek, do you have the voice thing on your computer? WEll, I am interested to see how the rest of the day went. Hopefully no injuries or stains

Brooke said...

So suspenseful! What will happen next in the JenEx? (Jen Experience)

Sorry about the Whips. I'm not a big fan, and that wouldn't be a fun surprise.