Monday, March 17, 2008

Blind for a Day, Part I: The Morning

Well, I survived being blind for 24 hours. It was a very interesting experience. I stumbled to the computer throughout the day and documented everything in a Word document typing short paragraphs that took up about 6 pages. So i think I'm going to split it up into separate posts throughout the week so it's not one gigantor post. The time between the paragraphs could be 15 minutes, 1 second, 30 minutes, or whatever. Who knows. But i think i can split it up into large chunks of the day. Part One will be the morning time. This took place Friday, March 14. If you'd like to know what I'm talking about, read down to Jen Experiments Part II.

And we're off!

Ok, here I am. The time: sometime in the morning. Judging by the sun… no, I have no idea. The morning’s gone ok. Wake-up routine was a semi-success. It took me about 3 tries to get a decent amount of toothpaste on the brush and even then I could have had more. But hey, you know, maybe I use too much and this is a good way to conserve?

I’ve got my blindfold on. It’s doing a good job of keeping everything out. Before I woke up I had weird dreams, one of which was about swimming an eternally long race. I don’t know about you, but when I swim.. like for real-- strokes, I get sooo disoriented and I always pop up to see where I’ve ended up. This left me feeling very claustrophobic when I woke up and realized I can’t do that today. For a WHOLE DAY. I just have to swim around and hope I don’t bonk into the wall. What am I doing?? Anyway, but so far, so good. Right now I’m off to do some floor exercises.

Ok, I’m done with my exercises. The time is around 10:00. I finally heard it on a tv program. Woohoo! I ended up watching news because it was the most interesting, sadly. And, I put it on The Today Show which… kill me now… but I knew they sometimes said the time. I don’t know why I care so much about the time.

Couple of interesting points: I was doing my exercises and a commercial for Lenscrafters said, “You can always replace your camera but you only have two eyes.” Maybe YOU do!! I thought. Already I felt the sting of insensitive comments caused by ignorance. Just kiddin’.

Another thing was, after doing some leg exercises with my weighted stick, I stopped after my leg was about to break off and just laid there on my side. I soon started to get very sleepy and was just laying there like a lump. How easy it is to fall asleep, I think, when you’re in total darkness.

Now I go shower. Wish me luck.

Will Jen survive the shower? Check back tomorrow and find out!

(just kidding, lame.. sorry.)


Ashley said...

I'm on the edge of my seat! Can't wait for more. I wish I was there so I could lead you around your apartment with my backpack.

Joel said...

I'm just waiting for the part where you slip on something on the floor and knock yourself out, only to wake up with amnesia, thinking that you're blind. Now that would be a good read! Although I'm sure it's been done to death on soap operas.

jongibson1 said...

Nobody seems concerned that Jen died in the shower.

Fortunately, I'm hear to tell you that we spoke on the phone after her shower - and she did indeed survive......barely. Go on Jen, tell them about your CRAZY experience in the shower!!!

jongibson1 said...

Okay - Jonathan did not say that previous statement - Monica did.

)en said...

Ha ha. I wish i had a crazy shower experience. I guess that's the good thing when there are 3 walls surrounding it, 2 on the long side of the tub and one on a short side. If you slip, there is not far to fall. what? i can't make that last part make any sense. there is not far to fall. It's not far.. you don't fall far. ???