Thursday, December 06, 2007

"dead things smell like poo"

... is what Sean said to me as he recounted his tale of how he came to the end of the mystery. It's an interestingly horrific thought to think that the foul smell emanating from the bathroom might be that of a rotting rodent. Somehow it's worse than what i had originally thought, while taking a shower amidst the repugnant odor, which was that somehow the pipes weren't functioning properly. Perhaps there was a leak and somehow we had a sewage problem. Gross, i know. I thought, well, hopefully the soap will wash off the sewer water that i'm bathing in.

But yes, somehow the thought of showering with a dead mouse in the bathroom was worse. Sean came in last night totally repulsed, after having had his new theory confirmed. We've never seen a mouse here so we thought it unlikely, and yet there it was. Fortunately this was in the outside bathroom (too difficult to explain. We have two bathrooms though which is cool only to people who live around here) so it wasn't inside our actual apartment. (<-- which makes it sound like we shower in an outhouse. ah well.) Being the gem that he is, he took care of it all and i never had to see it. But I yelled "GROOOOOSSS! EWWWWWwww!!!" at the top of my lungs for a good 15 seconds straight. This is not an exaggeration. I write this to pass on this information to you. If you have a really bad poo odor in your bathroom and it isn't because of what it's supposed to be, just remember the title of this post. Make it your motto, whatever it takes to remember because it could come in very handy one day. And you're welcome.


Joel said...

I'm heading over to Cafepress to make up some t-shirts that say "Dead things smell like poo."

Michelle said...

That is disgusting! I'm glad you found the problem. And I am very interested in the layout of your house!

Scoresbys said...

Interesting post to read mere weeks before I come visit and shower in the mice/poo shower myself.

)en said...

ha ha. get excittteeed! aaaall part of the ny experience.

no, it's gone-it's gone! i promise our house will be mouse-free when you come.